Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service




 Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service

2019 Award Winner: Troy Hopkins, CBSE, Office Pride, Inc.

The Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service is presented to the BSCAI member who has made outstanding contributions in furthering the programs and image of the association and the building service contracting industry. Current members of the BSCAI Board of Directors are not eligible to receive this award. Nominees are submitted to the BSCAI Awards Committee and to the BSCAI Board of Directors for selection and approval.


Troy Hopkins, CBSE Acceptance Statement:

"Receiving the Walter L. Cook award is not only a huge honor but also it represents what my peers in the BSCAI family and I strive to accomplish on a daily basis – to share and teach what this great industry has to offer. I have always believed that the more I can help others grow in their commercial cleaning business, the more we all benefit. It has never bothered me to share my knowledge of the industry with other companies, because there is enough business for us all. It’s how you go about getting that business, and how you treat your employees, that makes the difference. We must work together to change the image of the cleaning industry and demonstrate to our customers why they must increase their budgets for our services, so that we can keep up with the changing times. As we work within this great association, BSCAI, to develop educational programs, committees and host events, let’s keep our eye on the ultimate goal: to be the leader among service industries."