New Member of the Year Award




BSCAI New Member of the Year Award

BSCAI will recognize a new member company who has exhibited active participation in BSCAI through their committee involvement, event attendance, participation in the certification program, regional event attendance and an overall positive impact on BSCAI. 

"JANCO's roots began in 1989 with an upright vacuum and 50 dollars in Jhovys back pocket. Jhovy, founder and owner of Janco, had a dream to one day own a thriving, successful business.  In 1989, Janitex was born with the purpose of being the best in quality commercial cleaning for Alaska. The industry standard in Alaska rose as a result of the vision and action Jhovy took to ensure the company would expand and be one of the leading companies in the state. At its peak, Janitex grew to 500 employees servicing Alaska and parts of the lower 48. In 2009, Jhovy made the decision to go back to his roots in Anchorage, Alaska to reclaim his position in the cleaning industry and better service the Alaska clientele. Out of this was birthed JANCO. Today JANCO is known for its quality, integrity, and commitment to customer service."

- JANCO Commercial Cleaning, 2022 Recipient