Safety Award




Safety Award 

As part of BSCAI's on-going effort to promote safety throughout the Association and industry, BSCAI invites entries for its Safety Awards Competition. As in previous years, BSCAI's Safety Awards will be given to the companies with the best safety records, and plaques will be presented to winners at the annual convention.


Submissions are Now Open!

Submit by July 10, 2020 today with the following steps:

  1. Login to
    *For primary contacts: login as an individual and not the company
  2. Access the User Profile:
    *Users are typically directed to the user profile upon login. The user profile can also be found by clicking the orange “User Portal” button on the top right side of the webpage. 
  3. Click “Community” then “CLEAN Awards” and “View Open Competitions”
  4. Select an award title to see the description
  5. Select “Enter Now” to view submission questions and nominate today!

Award Winners will be recognized at the BSCAI 2020 Contracting Success Conference!

2019 Award Winners:

Category A

Flair Building Services
Puritan Commercial Cleaning & Services

RCF Commercial Cleaning, LLC

Category B

Cenplex Building Services, LLC

New Image Building Services, Inc.

Tier One Property Services

Category C

AffinEco LLC

Category D

4M Building Solutions

BRAVO! Group Services, Inc.

Janitronics Facility Services


4M Building Solutions:

"Everyone at 4M is honored and proud to have earned this prestigious BSCAI industry safety award for the 22nd time in 23 years. As we have grown, we appreciate and value now more than ever the importance of growing our business with for and  the safety and well-being of all our team members.  Safety at 4M is not top down nor is it bottom up, it is 360°. 

We have and will always appreciate and value winning the BSCAI Safety Award and we recognize that without the committed hard work and passionate 360° teamwork by all Team Members, we would not realize this prestigious best in class industry milestone.  We also realize that success is a journey and until we achieve our ZeroPath mission of zero injuries, we have work to do.

With the 40th anniversary of 4M Building Solutions, our founder, Mitch Sr, who was one of the founders of the BSCAI would be incredibly proud!"

New Image Building Services, Inc.:

"On behalf of all the team at New Image Building Services, I am honored to receive a 2019 BSCAI safety award. We recognize BSCAI for all the opportunities over the years to learn industry best practices in work-place safety. From safety bingo to risk assessments and near miss reporting. Our work is obviously very physical and has inherent risk. The fact that we work thousands and thousands of hours each year without accidents is a significant accomplishment. Thank you BSCAI for providing continued attention to this most important aspect of our operations. At New Image, our safety slogan is 'if it’s not safe, don't do it'."

Puritan Commercial Cleaning & Services:

"The importance of a safe work environment and the significance that BSCAI and our industry places on best practices and safety awareness to attain that reality is a great encouragement to its members and to our company in particular."