Safety Award




Safety Award 

As part of BSCAI's on-going effort to promote safety throughout the Association and industry, BSCAI invites entries for its Safety Awards Competition. As in previous years, BSCAI's Safety Awards will be given to the companies with the best safety records, and plaques will be presented to winners at the annual convention. 

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Category A
C.M. Cleaning

"C.M. Cleaning Co, Inc. is honored to be selected as a winner of the 2022 BSCAI Safety Award.  We are committed to assuring a clean, safe, and healthy workplace for all.   We take great pride that our emphasis on safety and accident prevention have led us to this prestigious achievement." - C.M. Cleaning

Cenplex Building Maintenance

"While working in many different settings, Cenplex partners with our clients to keep both our customers and employees safe. We have weekly safety meetings and cover an abundance of topics, including near misses. From Safety Data Sheets to full walk arounds of facilities, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our safety plan. All employees are encouraged to notify management about issues as they know we are a “Safety First” organization. Cenplex does not consider an injured worker a cost of doing business." - Cenplex Building Maintenance

Flair Building Services

Category B
Magic Mist Services, Ltd.

Saber Building Services, Inc.

"We are very happy that we have been selected as the winner of the 2021 BSCAI Safety Award. All of us on the Saber Team are very proud to maintain a safe environment for our workers and clients. We are thankful to be a part of an organization that helps us strive for excellence in safety, training and leadership." - Saber Building Services, Inc.

ESS Clean, Inc.

"At ESS Clean, Inc., we work hard to keep our team safe so that they can go home and enjoy time with their families and doing the things that they love.  We are excited to be recognized again by BSCAI for our efforts." - ESS Clean, Inc.

Category C
Enviro-Clean Services, Inc.

Janitronics, Inc.

"Janitronics Building Services is honored to have received the 2021 BSCAI Safety Award for Category C. We have developed proven safety protocols, with an emphasis on environmentally sound equipment, products, and procedures. For 45 years, we have used our safety program every day to help protect our employees as well as the occupants of our buildings.  This award marks significant recognition of our organization’s efforts to keep our world a cleaner and healthier place, one building at a time." - Janitronics, Inc.

Prestige Maintenance USA

Category D
4M Building Solutions

"Continuously improving and innovating to deliver leading-edge, SAFE, and sustainable service solutions” is a 4M core value. It’s shared with every 4M Team Member starting the first day they join our company. Safety is the most significant, ongoing source of education, training, and messaging with our Team Members. The BSCAI Safety Award is an award that the entire 4M Family will proudly celebrate." - 4M Building Solutions

IH Services, a GDI Company

"This safety award further validates that IH Services’ commitment to the safety of our associates is our first priority. Our “12 Steps to Zero Accidents” Safety Program continues to create a physical Zero Zone around our associates and a mental Zero Zone within their minds that drives safe actions and behaviors. This internal motivation to behave safely is critical to our overall safety success, because – as Ryan Hendley so often reminds us – “Programs don’t keep people safe. PEOPLE keep people safe.”" -  IH Services, a GDI Company