Safety Award




Safety Award 

As part of BSCAI's on-going effort to promote safety throughout the Association and industry, BSCAI invites entries for its Safety Awards Competition. As in previous years, BSCAI's Safety Awards will be given to the companies with the best safety records, and plaques will be presented to winners at the annual convention. 

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"While working in many different settings, Cenplex partners with our clients to keep both our customers and employees safe. We have weekly safety meetings and cover an abundance of topics, including near misses. From Safety Data Sheets to full walk arounds of facilities, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our safety plan. All employees are encouraged to notify management about issues as they know we are a “Safety First” organization. Cenplex does not consider an injured worker a cost of doing business."

- Cenplex Building Services, LLC, 2021 Category A Recipient

" We are so pleased to have been selected as a winner of the 2021 BSCAI Safety Award. The Saber Team takes great pride in maintaining a culture of safety and excellance through proper training and leadership."

- Anthony Saber, Saber Building Services Inc., 2021 Category B Recipient

"Challenge Unlimited is thankful to BSCAI for the industry recognition after years of leadership and investment in keeping our workers safe. As a nonprofit that employs individuals with disabilities, safety has been one of our core values for over 60 years. Our safety philosophy is that 100 percent of workplace accidents are predictable and preventable. Our safety goals are achieved by continuous process improvement, quality assurance, and our Zero Accident Culture (ZAC) Program. BSCAI has been an excellent resource for safety best practices and effective approaches to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers, employees, and stakeholders."

Challenge Unlimited, Inc., 2021 Category B Recipient

" We are thrilled to have a safety program and record that led to the honor of receiving this award! Safety certainly took on a whole new meaning this last year and a half and we are proud to have so many employees who believe in making safety a priority. This is extra special to achieve during a time with more safety protocol and staffing challenges we have all dealt with."

- ESS Clean, 2021 Category B Recipient

"This is SUPER exciting for us!  We work diligently on our safety program at Enviro-Clean and literally talk about it every day.  We have been improving our safety over the years and this BSCAI Safety Award builds on the excitement and momentum our team is striving for in the safety department."

- Enviro-Clean Services, Inc., 2021 Category C Recipient

"4M is very proud to be one of the recipients of the 2020 BSCAI Safety Award.  Safety has always been a core value at 4M and is an integral part of our Lead 360 Program that provides a career path for all Team Members who wish to further their professional development.  With gratitude and respect, 4M dedicates the 2020 BSCAI Safety Award to all of our Team Members and their families and all persons who suffered loss or pain and suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic."

- 4M Building Solutions, 2021 Category C Recipient

“Prestige is honored to accept this award from BSCAI. The Award serves as recognition of the effort by our entire team to achieve our goal of improving the health and safety of our employees and the clients we serve. This recognition is particularly special in such an unprecedented year with a keen focus on safety and cleanliness. It is truly an honor and we look forward to being an ambassador for the BSCAI CLEAN Awards program for years to come.” 

- Prestige Maintenance USA, 2021 Category C Recipient