James E. Purcell Leadership Award




James E. Purcell Leadership Award

The James E. Purcell Leadership Award is the most prestigious award presented each year by BSCAI. It is given in recognition of long-term service to both the Association and the building service contracting industry. James E. Purcell was BSCAI's founder and first President serving from 1965-1967. The previous year's BSCAI President will be honored with this award at the Contracting Success Conference.

"I cherish the years I have spent with BSCAI since the inception of my career.  I have created so many lasting friendships and benefited from a wonderful peer network.  My years on the board and then the terms as an officer helped me professionally and personally in more ways that I can share in a short reply.  Thank you to BSCAI for honoring me with this award, for years I watched as others received it and never thought I would be so fortunate to be a recipient."

- Michael Diamond, CBSE, AffinEco LLC, 2021 Recipient