James E. Purcell Leadership Award




James E. Purcell Leadership Award

The James E. Purcell Leadership Award is the most prestigious award presented each year by BSCAI. It is given in recognition of long-term service to both the Association and the building service contracting industry. James E. Purcell was BSCAI's founder and first President serving from 1965-1967. The previous year's BSCAI President will be honored with this award at the Contracting Success Conference.

"It is a great blessing to receive the James E. Purcell Leadership Award from BSCAI, which is an organization of leaders!    Joining BSCAI 30 years ago, as a new contractor trying to keep my head above water, was one of the best decisions of my business career.    Since then, I have learned from many industry greats (and still learning).   Giving back and leading is just the way the BSCAI culture works.   Special thanks to all of you who have walked with me over these many years!" 

- Todd Hopkins, 2022 Recipient, Office Pride, Inc.