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The BSCAI CLEAN Awards program recognizes building service contractors who demonstrate excellence in a number of categories ranging from image and safety to community service and much more.  We encourage you to review the categories and submit your company for one or more awards.  Be recognized by your peers for your company's work to elevate the image of the cleaning industry and highlight the vital service you provide to clients.

Take a look at past award winners who have demonstrated their excellence among these criteria.

Apply today! BSCAI membership is encouraged to review the categories and submit your company for one or more awards. Entry is FREE to all BSCAI members, please have your entries submitted by July 31st, 2022. Please utilize the instructions below when submitting nominations.

  • 1. Please first log into your personal BSCAI account
  • 2. Once signed in, you will go to the user portal using the button in the top right corner of the BSCAI homepage
  • 3. After entering the user portal, you will click the "Community" drop down menu and select the CLEAN Awards option followed by View Open Competitions
  • 4. This will show you all awards eligible for submissions

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please reach out to

BSCAI CLEAN Awards Inspire Greatness

Hear from Kathleen Bands, CEO of My Cleaning Service, Inc., Jamie Henry, CEO of Beeline Support, and Paul Taylor, CEO of ESS Clean, Inc., as they discuss the positive impact of BSCAI's CLEAN Awards on BSC business owners and their employees.

Take a Look Back on the 2021 CLEAN Award Recipients 


James E. Purcell Leadership Award

Since 1967, BSCAI has recognized members for their long-term service to both the Association and the building service contracting industry. The James E. Purcell Leadership Award is the most prestigious award presented annually and named after BSCAI’s founder and first President serving from 1965-1967.

Recipient: Michael Diamond, CBSE, AffinEco LLC

"I cherish the years I have spent with BSCAI since the inception of my career.  I have created so many lasting friendships and benefited from a wonderful peer network.  My years on the board and then the terms as an officer helped me professionally and personally in more ways that I can share in a short reply.  Thank you to BSCAI for honoring me with this award, for years I watched as others received it and never thought I would be so fortunate to be a recipient." - Michael Diamond, CBSE, AffinEco LLC

Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service

Since 1972, the Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service has been presented to the BSCAI member who has made outstanding contributions in furthering programs, the association and the building service contracting industry. The first Walter L. Cook Award was presented to Levester Stevenson of Associated Building Services.

Recipient: Jamie Henry, Bee Line Support

Arthur C. Barraclough Company Community Service Award

Since 2007, the Arthur C. Barraclough award has recognized companies for their charity work within the community. Arthur C. Barraclough was the President-elect of BSCAI and the founder and President of Cross Gate Services, Inc. in Brentwood, TN. Honorees receive a crystal award and BSCAI will make a cash donation to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Recipient: Bolana Enterprises, Inc.

"We are so proud to receive the Arthur C. Barraclough Company Community Service Award. We had the pleasure of know Mr. Barraclough. He was a kind man and naming this award after him exemplifies who he was. Bolana has been members of Bolana BSCAI for many years. We have grown because of the things we have learned and the relationships we have developed through BSCAI. We are grateful for BSCAI’s assistance through their leadership and guidance as they helped us navigated through the challenges of COVID 19.  Thank you for all that you do for all BSCs." - Bolana

BSCAI Building Service Employee of the Year Award

Since 1972, BSCAI has recognized front-line cleaners who do an outstanding job and standout within their companies. The Building Service Employee of the Year Award honors that building service contracting employee whose job performance, civic involvement and family role best exemplify qualities found in superior custodial employees.

Presented by:


Recipient: Dontez L. Hobbs Sr., ESS Clean, Inc.

"I would like to thank BSCAI for choosing me as a recipient of this prestigious award. I would also like to thank ESS Clean for feeling I was worthy of being nominated. That alone is a great honor even if I hadn’t been selected to win by BSCAI. I feel thankful and grateful for this award. I am greatly inspired by it and fully intend to work towards greater goals in this industry."  - Dontez L. Hobbs Sr., ESS Clean, Inc.

BSCAI Emerging Leader Award

The winner of the Contracting Profits Emerging Leader Award is someone 40 years or younger who demonstrates excellence and is making positive contributions to the contract cleaning industry. This person can be the owner of a contract cleaning company or a member of the company’s executive team. He or she is viewed by others — peers, colleagues, boss, clients, vendors or associates — as a rising star in the contract cleaning industry.

Presented by:

Recipient: Terell Weg, CBSE, MSNW

"I am so honored to be named as BSCAI's emerging leader. Growing up in the industry, I never dreamed one day I'd be running MSNW Group. The key thing that influenced me to stick with this industry and assume the role I'm in, was my early interactions with BSCAI. The grounded, servant-hearted leaders who mentored me from a young age within BSCAI encouraged me to stay involved, push myself, continue learning, and ultimately step into the role of CEO of my family's company." - Terell Weg, CBSE, MSNW

New Member of the Year Award

Since 2014, BSCAI has recognized a new member company that exhibits active participation through their committee involvement, event attendance, participation in the certification program and regional event attendance.

Recipient: CClean

Industry Service Award

Since 1976, the Industry Service Award has honored long-term service to the Association by a company not engaged in building service contracting. The first award was presented to Robert Pond.

Recipient: TEAM Software by WorkWave

"It's such an honor to receive BSCAI's Industry Service Award. TEAM Software has been a proud sponsor of the association for more than 30 years and truly values our partnership with you and your members. We look forward to continuing to build and strengthen our relationship for years to come. Thank you to the committee and all involved." -  Jill Davie, President North America, TEAM Software by WorkWave, 2021 Recipient 

Skip Marsden Education Excellence Award

Since 2015, the Skip Marsden Education Excellence Award has been given to companies who promote leaders from within their organizations, demonstrate an overall commitment to growth and development by investing in education and training of their employees. Adrian, “Skip”, Marsden, CBSE, founded Marsden Building Maintenance in 1952 and grew it into a diverse service organization that included janitorial, security, armored car and HVAC services. He valued BSCAI’s education offerings and encouraged Marsden employees to become certified.

Recipient: ESS Clean, Inc.

"At ESS Clean, our mission is to 'create clean, safe and healthy workplaces for our clients and growth opportunities for our team'.  We have learned over the years that growing and advancing people within our organization provides our best opportunity for success. Our leadership team continues to make growth and education of our team a top priority. BSCAI offers excellent opportunities to learn more about leadership, management, HR, finances and cleaning technology. We are fortunate to be able to take advantage of these and other educational opportunities to grow our team in knowledge and professionalism!" - ESS CLean, Inc.

Cleaning for Health Award

New in 2017, The Cleaning for Health Award recognizes BSCAI Building Service Contractors that have Cleaning for Health programs. Cleaning for Health is a cleaning regimen that helps reduce the levels of allergens and asthma triggers in the indoor environment and consists of policies, procedures and training that emphasizes the impact on the health of building occupants and staff in an effort to reduce building contaminants and minimizes environmental impact.

Presented by:

Recipient: 4M Building Solutions

"This is a 2020 Award, which means it’s a remarkable accomplishment for our Team Members during an extraordinary time of upheaval due to the pandemic. The significance of ‘Cleaning for Health’ has never been greater in our lifetime. Team members had to adapt to changes at work and in their personal lives. Still, they continued to deliver exceptional service to anxious clients who needed our services and expertise solutions more than ever. We are grateful that this award commemorates that achievement." - 4M Building Solutions 

Image Awards

BSCAI recognizes companies that have excelled in enhancing the image of their businesses. Honorees are recognized by company size as the industry’s best in overall ‘company image’.

Mid-size Company
Ultra Shine Group

Large Company
4M Building Solutions

"Our image is our Team Members. The BSCAI Image Award acknowledges our efforts to enhance our image in the industry and among the public. We do that by putting the spotlight on our Team Members and their expertise, from best-of-class service to safety protocols to caring about the health of staff and clients. We appreciate this award immensely, because it recognizes practices that are obviously good for the bottom line, but also validates that our efforts to recognize the essential work of our teams resonates with our audiences." - 4M Building Solutions 

Safety Awards

As part of an on-going effort to promote safety throughout the Association and industry, BSCAI awards companies with the best safety records.

Presented by:

Category A
Cenplex Building Services, LLC
Flair Building Services

Category B
Saber Building Services, Inc.
Challenge Unlimited, Inc.
ESS Clean, Inc.

Category C
Enviro-Clean Services, Inc.

Category D
4M Building Solutions
Prestige Maintenance USA
Diversified Maintenance Systems LLC

"While working in many different settings, Cenplex partners with our clients to keep both our customers and employees safe. We have weekly safety meetings and cover an abundance of topics, including near misses. From Safety Data Sheets to full walk arounds of facilities, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our safety plan. All employees are encouraged to notify management about issues as they know we are a “Safety First” organization. Cenplex does not consider an injured worker a cost of doing business."

- Cenplex Building Services, LLC

" We are so pleased to have been selected as a winner of the 2021 BSCAI Safety Award. The Saber Team takes great pride in maintaining a culture of safety and excellance through proper training and leadership."

- Anthony Saber, Saber Building Services Inc.

"Challenge Unlimited is thankful to BSCAI for the industry recognition after years of leadership and investment in keeping our workers safe. As a nonprofit that employs individuals with disabilities, safety has been one of our core values for over 60 years. Our safety philosophy is that 100 percent of workplace accidents are predictable and preventable. Our safety goals are achieved by continuous process improvement, quality assurance, and our Zero Accident Culture (ZAC) Program. BSCAI has been an excellent resource for safety best practices and effective approaches to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers, employees, and stakeholders."

Challenge Unlimited, Inc.

" We are thrilled to have a safety program and record that led to the honor of receiving this award! Safety certainly took on a whole new meaning this last year and a half and we are proud to have so many employees who believe in making safety a priority. This is extra special to achieve during a time with more safety protocol and staffing challenges we have all dealt with."

- ESS Clean

"This is SUPER exciting for us!  We work diligently on our safety program at Enviro-Clean and literally talk about it every day.  We have been improving our safety over the years and this BSCAI Safety Award builds on the excitement and momentum our team is striving for in the safety department."

- Enviro-Clean Services, Inc.

"4M is very proud to be one of the recipients of the 2020 BSCAI Safety Award.  Safety has always been a core value at 4M and is an integral part of our Lead 360 Program that provides a career path for all Team Members who wish to further their professional development.  With gratitude and respect, 4M dedicates the 2020 BSCAI Safety Award to all of our Team Members and their families and all persons who suffered loss or pain and suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic."

- 4M Building Solutions

“Prestige is honored to accept this award from BSCAI. The Award serves as recognition of the effort by our entire team to achieve our goal of improving the health and safety of our employees and the clients we serve. This recognition is particularly special in such an unprecedented year with a keen focus on safety and cleanliness. It is truly an honor and we look forward to being an ambassador for the BSCAI CLEAN Awards program for years to come.” 

- Prestige Maintenance USA