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The BSCAI CLEAN Awards program recognizes building service contractors who demonstrate excellence in a number of categories ranging from image and safety to community service and much more. BSCAI encourages you to review the categories and submit your commercial cleaning company for one or more awards. Be recognized by your peers for your company's work to elevate the image of the commercial cleaning industry and highlight the vital service you provide to clients.

Take a look at past award winners who have demonstrated their excellence among these criteria.

Apply today! BSCAI membership is encouraged to review the categories and submit your company for one or more awards. Entry is FREE to all BSCAI members, please have your entries submitted by July 28th, 2023. Please utilize the instructions below when submitting nominations.

  • 1. Please first log into your personal BSCAI account
  • 2. Once signed in, you will go to the user portal using the button in the top right corner of the BSCAI homepage
  • 3. After entering the user portal, you will click the "Community" drop down menu and select the CLEAN Awards option followed by View Open Competitions
  • 4. This will show you all awards eligible for submissions

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please reach out to

BSCAI CLEAN Awards Inspire Greatness

Hear from Kathleen Bands, CEO of My Cleaning Service, Inc., Jamie Henry, CEO of Beeline Support, and Paul Taylor, CEO of ESS Clean, Inc., as they discuss the positive impact of BSCAI's CLEAN Awards on commercial cleaning business owners and their employees.

Take a Look Back on the 2022 CLEAN Award Recipients 


James E. Purcell Leadership Award

Since 1967, BSCAI has recognized members for their long-term service to both the association and the building service contracting industry. The James E. Purcell Leadership Award is the most prestigious award presented annually and named after BSCAI’s founder and first president serving from 1965-1967.

Recipient: Todd Hopkins, Office Pride, Inc.

"It is a great blessing to receive the James E. Purcell Leadership Award from BSCAI, which is an organization of leaders!    Joining BSCAI 30 years ago, as a new contractor trying to keep my head above water, was one of the best decisions of my business career.    Since then, I have learned from many industry greats (and still learning).   Giving back and leading is just the way the BSCAI culture works.   Special thanks to all of you who have walked with me over these many years!" - Todd Hopkins

Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service

Since 1972, the Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service has been presented to the BSCAI member who has made outstanding contributions in furthering programs, the association and the building service contracting industry. The first Walter L. Cook Award was presented to Levester Stevenson of Associated Building Services.

Recipient: Alexander Blum, Janitech

Arthur C. Barraclough Company Community Service Award

Since 2007, the Arthur C. Barraclough award has recognized companies for their charity work within the community. Arthur C. Barraclough was the president-elect of BSCAI and the founder and president of Cross Gate Services Inc. in Brentwood, Tennessee. Honorees receive a crystal award and BSCAI will make a cash donation to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Recipient: Magic Mist Services, Ltd.

BSCAI Building Service Employee of the Year Award

Since 1972, BSCAI has recognized frontline cleaners who do an outstanding job and standout within their companies. The Building Service Employee of the Year Award honors that building service contracting employee whose job performance, civic involvement and family role best exemplify qualities found in superior custodial employees.

Presented by:



Recipient: Sheila Hamilton, Cleveland Corporate Cleaning

BSCAI Emerging Leader Award

The winner of the Contracting Profits Emerging Leader Award is someone 40 years old or younger who demonstrates excellence and is making positive contributions to the commercial cleaning industry. This person can be the owner of a contract cleaning company or a member of the company’s executive team. He or she is viewed by others — peers, colleagues, bosses, clients, vendors or associates — as a rising star in the commercial cleaning industry.

Presented by:

Recipient: Christopher Igo, Jr., C.M. Cleaning

"I am both honored and humbled to have been selected as BSCAI's Contracting Profits Emerging Leader. I admire and respect so many other illustrious successors in the industry that being selected for this award really means the world to me. I am now more encouraged than ever to push myself for continuous education and implementation on state of the art equipment and more efficient processes through partnership with affiliates such as the BSCAI.  I hope to significantly contribute to the growth and success of our family owned and operated business, C.M. Cleaning Company and to continue to show that all of our work is valued.  I am looking forward to becoming more active and involved in my leadership role and to be the best I can be each day." - Christopher Igo, Jr.

New Member of the Year Award

Since 2014, BSCAI has recognized a new member company that exhibits active participation through their committee involvement, event attendance, participation in the certification program and regional event attendance.

Recipient: JANCO Commercial Cleaning

"JANCO's roots began in 1989 with an upright vacuum and 50 dollars in Jhovys back pocket. Jhovy, founder and owner of Janco, had a dream to one day own a thriving, successful business.  In 1989, Janitex was born with the purpose of being the best in quality commercial cleaning for Alaska. The industry standard in Alaska rose as a result of the vision and action Jhovy took to ensure the company would expand and be one of the leading companies in the state. At its peak, Janitex grew to 500 employees servicing Alaska and parts of the lower 48. In 2009, Jhovy made the decision to go back to his roots in Anchorage, Alaska to reclaim his position in the cleaning industry and better service the Alaska clientele. Out of this was birthed JANCO. Today JANCO is known for its quality, integrity, and commitment to customer service." - JANCO Commercial Cleaning

Industry Service Award

Since 1976, the Industry Service Award has honored long-term service to BSCAI by a company not engaged in building service contracting. The first award was presented to Robert Pond.

Recipient: Pursant, LLC

"It’s an honor to be selected as this year’s recipient of the Industry Service Award. With our firm’s founder being a former BSC operator, there is first-hand appreciation for the value industry service providers can bring. For over a decade, our overarching objective has been to deliver value by providing meaningful insights and education, which helps BSC leaders grow enterprise value and successfully execute strategic transactions." -  Pursant, LLC

Skip Marsden Education Excellence Award

Since 2015, the Skip Marsden Education Excellence Award has been given to companies who promote leaders from within their organizations, demonstrate an overall commitment to growth and development by investing in education and training of their employees. Adrian, “Skip”, Marsden, CBSE, founded Marsden Building Maintenance in 1952 and grew it into a diverse service organization that included janitorial, security, armored car and HVAC services. He valued BSCAI’s education offerings and encouraged Marsden employees to become certified.

Recipient: Havard Maintenance, Inc.

Cleaning for Health Award

New in 2017, The Cleaning for Health Award recognizes BSCAI building service contractors that have Cleaning for Health programs. Cleaning for Health is a cleaning regimen that helps reduce the levels of allergens and asthma triggers in the indoor environment and consists of policies, procedures and training that emphasizes the impact on the health of building occupants and staff in an effort to reduce building contaminants and minimizes environmental impact.

Presented by:

Recipient: 4M Building Solutions

"Cleaning for Health is a continuous focus at 4M. Our role is to create safe, healthy environments for all our stakeholders, from Team Members and client customers to their tenants and guests. That requires a mix of evolving processes and procedures, products, equipment, training, and education to maintain the highest standards. Being recognized for our efforts and commitment with the BSCAI Cleaning for Health Award is an incredible honor that we share with our Teammates throughout the company." - 4M Building Solutions 

Image Awards

BSCAI recognizes companies that have excelled in enhancing the image of their businesses. Honorees are recognized by company size as the industry’s best in overall company image.

Mid-size Company
Keepers Commercial Cleaning

"The image of cleaning has changed the last few years.  Cleaning is now seen as vital to the health and well-being of those for whom we clean. Keepers Commercial Cleaning is excited to be recognized by the BSCAI as an Image Award recipient.  We feel that when we enhance the image of cleaning we simultaneously acknowledge and thank each cleaner for the exceptional service they provide." - Keepers Commercial Cleaning

Large Company
4M Building Solutions

"We are grateful to receive the 2022 Image Award for large companies. Whether you are a job candidate or a Team Member, a client prospect, or a long-term client, wherever and whenever you are engaged by 4M — or choose to engage us—we hope that you’ll enjoy an experience that shows a deep appreciation for all our Team Members and speaks of quality, consistency, professionalism, and trustworthiness." - 4M Building Solutions 

Safety Awards

As part of an ongoing effort to promote safety throughout BSCAI and the commercial cleaning industry, BSCAI awards companies with the best safety records.

Presented by:

Category A
C.M. Cleaning

"C.M. Cleaning Co, Inc. is honored to be selected as a winner of the 2022 BSCAI Safety Award.  We are committed to assuring a clean, safe, and healthy workplace for all.   We take great pride that our emphasis on safety and accident prevention have led us to this prestigious achievement." - C.M. Cleaning

Cenplex Building Maintenance


"While working in many different settings, Cenplex partners with our clients to keep both our customers and employees safe. We have weekly safety meetings and cover an abundance of topics, including near misses. From Safety Data Sheets to full walk arounds of facilities, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our safety plan. All employees are encouraged to notify management about issues as they know we are a “Safety First” organization. Cenplex does not consider an injured worker a cost of doing business." - Cenplex Building Maintenance

Flair Building Services

Category B
Magic Mist Services, Ltd.

Saber Building Services, Inc.

"We are very happy that we have been selected as the winner of the 2021 BSCAI Safety Award. All of us on the Saber Team are very proud to maintain a safe environment for our workers and clients. We are thankful to be a part of an organization that helps us strive for excellence in safety, training and leadership." - Saber Building Services, Inc.

ESS Clean, Inc.

"At ESS Clean, Inc., we work hard to keep our team safe so that they can go home and enjoy time with their families and doing the things that they love.  We are excited to be recognized again by BSCAI for our efforts." - ESS Clean, Inc.

Category C
Enviro-Clean Services, Inc.

Janitronics, Inc.

"Janitronics Building Services is honored to have received the 2021 BSCAI Safety Award for Category C. We have developed proven safety protocols, with an emphasis on environmentally sound equipment, products, and procedures. For 45 years, we have used our safety program every day to help protect our employees as well as the occupants of our buildings.  This award marks significant recognition of our organization’s efforts to keep our world a cleaner and healthier place, one building at a time." - Janitronics, Inc.

Prestige Maintenance USA

Category D
4M Building Solutions

"Continuously improving and innovating to deliver leading-edge, SAFE, and sustainable service solutions” is a 4M core value. It’s shared with every 4M Team Member starting the first day they join our company. Safety is the most significant, ongoing source of education, training, and messaging with our Team Members. The BSCAI Safety Award is an award that the entire 4M Family will proudly celebrate." - 4M Building Solutions

IH Services, a GDI Company

"This safety award further validates that IH Services’ commitment to the safety of our associates is our first priority. Our “12 Steps to Zero Accidents” Safety Program continues to create a physical Zero Zone around our associates and a mental Zero Zone within their minds that drives safe actions and behaviors. This internal motivation to behave safely is critical to our overall safety success, because – as Ryan Hendley so often reminds us – “Programs don’t keep people safe. PEOPLE keep people safe.”" -  IH Services, a GDI Company