Speaker Information

This intimate two-day gathering provides you and your leadership team the opportunity to work together to

solve business challenges while learning from a powerful group of speakers.

John Spence, Managing Partner, John Spence, LLC

Recognized as one of the top professional speakers in America, John Spence delivers information-intensive keynotes and breakout sessions that are highly focused and resultsoriented, while remaining fun and entertaining. Whether addressing an audience of 3,000 business professionals at a major conference or presenting a special session for a handful of top executives in a board room, John readily establishes a strong connection to people through his honest, open and approachable style, combined with his incredible ability to address complex and challenging subjects in a simple and straightforward manner. Here is a preview of what he will be discussing at this year's conference.

Michael York, Author

 Michael York is the author of Becoming Uncommon and The 10 Commitments, as well as over a dozen eBooks on personal development, top performance and leadership. He has presented to over 1,000 audiences and also works as a consultant for national and international projects and selling organizations, and has trained literally thousands of individuals on personal and professional growth.

Darryl Harris, Partner/Senior Instructor, Carroll-Keller Group

Darryl Harris, a powerhouse speaker with expertise that enables him to empower, develop, teach, train and energize teams, team leaders, managers and staff across the USA and internationally. Here is a preview of what he'll be discussing during this year's conference.