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Caleb Campbell, West Point Graduate, Former Army Officer and Former NFL Player

High Capacity Leadership: The Key To Thriving Leadership in a Demanding World

Once known as “America’s Athlete”, Caleb Campbell is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who became the second player in the history of West Point to ever be selected in the NFL draft and the first player, under a new policy implemented by the Department of Defense (DOD), given the permission to play and serve simultaneously.

Caleb’s dream came to a halt when the DOD rescinded that policy hours before signing his first NFL contract–launching him into his own internal war that would almost cost him his life.

While serving his country, Caleb kept his NFL dream alive and eventually found himself playing in the NFL–demonstrating to audiences everywhere how facing our fears, committing to mental and emotional health and staying authentic will make us stronger — even in our weakest moments.

Far from offering clichéd "do better, be better" advice, Caleb skillfully guides his audience through discussions on vulnerability, emotional intelligence, heart-centered leadership and whole-person success. Above all, Caleb’s message acts as a powerful catalyst for internal transformation — fostering emotional, relational, and collective growth on an unmatched scale.

Rob Cilia3M National Account Manager

Optimize Your Chemical Management Approach: Solutions to Improve Accuracy, Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Rob Has been in the Facilities Care Industry for over 25 years.  He has extensive experience in cleaning and disinfecting, floor care (vinyl, carpet, stone) and specialty projects.  Rob understands the intricate nuances and challenges within the industry. During his time, he has managed national accounts and the implementation of national programs within the BSC, Retail and Health Care Markets. His work experience provides insights into end users, their pain-points and how to resolve them using 3M solutions.

Michael Diamond, CBSE, Director of Strategic Accounts, Affineco, LLC dba Pritchard Industries

There's No I In Team

Michael has dedicated his career to the facility service industry since 1986.  Joining his family business, he has worked in all levels of the industry from Operations, Finance and Business Development.  Premier Maintenance was founded in 1966, United Services was founded in 2002 with his partner Paul Senecal and in 2012 all companies were merged to form Affineco, LLC.  In 2022 Affineco was acquired by Pritchard Industries and Michael along with his partner Paul managed the northeast region. Pritchard Industries footprint spans 30 states with approximately 16,000 employees.  In 2024 Michaels role shifted to focus on strategic national accounts. Michael resides in Fairfield CT with his wife Karen, He has 3 adult children & 3 adult stepchildren.  He is an avid golfer, NY sports fan and loves travel. 

Gerald Fong, CEO & Co-Founder, BrightGo

Moneyball Meets Janitorial: Going from “Gut Feel” to Using the Power of Your Internal Data to Spot Trends Before It’s Too Late

  • Gerald Fong built his first successful software company in his early 20’s. He then went on to become a leader at Meta, leading his group to increase company revenue by $300M in annual run rate. His mom is a property manager, so he learned about parts of the industry from a young age by getting brought along to different properties. After meeting more BSC’s over time, Gerald and his team partnered with several janitorial companies to build a comprehensive and easy to use platform that they wanted but couldn’t find. He raised money from top investors in Silicon Valley and assembled a team of the best engineers (ex-Harvard and Google). 

    Gerald graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude. He completed his 4 year degree in just 2.5 years, while also completing graduate level courses to specialize in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Back in 2013, he built the first machine learning algorithms for Stripe, a company now valued at $65B.

Sylvie di Giusto, CSP, Keynote Speaker and Author

You Have 7 Seconds. Make Them Count!

“You’ve 7 seconds. Make them count!” says Keynote Speaker Sylvie di Giusto, CSP, who helps individuals and organizations explore how people make up their minds very quickly about them or their company, and either open the door for them or slam it shut. Sylvie takes audiences around the world on an interactive and entertaining journey of self-discovery that reveals how the world sees them, their brands, and organizations and ultimately, how they see themselves. With her unique and thought-provoking presentations, she helps audience members to lead better, sell faster, and persuade instantly. She empowers them to master their first impressions and lasting impressions in any professional or business environment and during customer or employee interactions. Sylvie is the author of “The Image of Leadership” and “Fair Advantage” as well as the mind and producer behind dozens of corporate or individual online courses, including her own innovative “How You Impress” mobile learning lab.

Brad Madewell, President, Clean All Services

Getting Started with AI

Brad has been with Clean All Services since Nov 2017 and started as General Manager. He graduated from Northmont High School and attended Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH. Brad is a Dayton native with over 17 years of combined experience in operational management, training, and customer service. Brad oversees operations, human resources and strategic planning for Clean All Services.

Mike Maddock, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Writer

The Questions Business Disruptors Ask Themselves: It’s All Perspectives

Mike Maddock is an entrepreneur, a keynote speaker and a writer. He calls himself an Idea Monkey because he loves to solve problems with disruptive ideas. This passion for problem solving led him to establish Maddock Douglas, Inc. in 1991. Maddock Douglas has become an internationally recognized innovation consultancy that has helped more than 25% of the Fortune 100 create and launch new products, services and business models.

Mike has launched six successful businesses. He also co-chairs the Gathering of Titans Entrepreneurial Conclave at MIT, he is past Chapter president of Entrepreneurs' Organization and Young Presidents' Organization, both chapters located in Chicago.

A doodler, turned cartoonist, turned author, Mike has been using words and pictures to get laughs and build ideas his entire life. Today, Mike is a contributor to Forbes and author of four bestselling books: Free the Idea focus on what matters most!, Brand New: Solving the Innovation Paradox and Flirting With the Uninterested, Innovating in a Sold, Not Bought Category. And finally, Plan D––his latest book about Disruptors.

Olon Hyde, CBSE, President, Office Pride of Pensacola

Growing Your Finance Team

Olon Hyde currently holds the position of President at Office Pride of Pensacola, where he also operates as a franchise owner within Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services. With a history of speaking engagements at BSCAI Contractor Success Conferences, Olon's credibility in the industry is evident. His journey began in 2010 as an employee of an Office Pride franchise, gradually advancing to the role of Director of Operations within the company's corporate team. This unique blend of experience as an employee, corporate staff member, and now a business owner infuses his presentations with practical insights and a depth of understanding.

Gage Roberts, Sr. Director of the Account Executives, Aspire Software

Sustaining Success: Elevate Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Gage Roberts is the sr. director of account executives at Aspire Software, where he has helped thousands of field service contractors make an impactful change in their business. With more than 15 years in field service industries, including more than seven at Aspire, Gage has gained a deep understanding of commercial cleaning and landscape businesses, their challenges, and how to best solve them.

Jamie Turner, Author, Professor, Consultant, and TV News Contributor

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How to Build a High-Performing Team

Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author, professor, consultant, and TV news contributor who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, Holiday Inn, Mercedes-Benz, Verizon and other global organizations tackle complex business problems. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc. and other prominent publications. He has also appeared on CNN, where he delivers segments on marketing, customer experience, and leadership. Jamie is the co-author of four essential business books, the latest of which is An Audience of One published by McGraw-Hill.