BSCAI Member Advisory

About BSCAI Member Advisory

The BSCAI Member Advisory allows you to get direction and industry advice from fellow BSCAI members in two outlets: Peer Groups and Mentors. Our peer group and mentor programs offer you the opportunity to connect with other active members and become more involved – the perfect forum for receiving professional advice and direction from those that have been in your shoes.


If you are looking for a one-on-one relationship with a seasoned professional in the industry, turn to BSCAI for a mentor. The program pairs you with a mentor to provide tailored advice and input to help you grow, enter new markets or simply learn what has worked for another BSCAI member.

Peer Group 

BSCAI offers peer groups that provide you with an avenue to freely share ideas, information and opinions in a  group setting. BSCAI will help match you with peers in other parts of the country and provide tools and resources to help foster a close-knit group addressing issues and growing together in the industry.

This is intended to provide each representative building service contractor (BSC) and contract security services member an avenue to freely share ideas, information and opinions among this peer group. These are individually planned groups that are invested into each participant’s time and efforts to produce better business goals for all involved.

Peer Group Program Goals

By forming the Peer Group Program BSCAI will establish goals including:

  • Improving the management of our respective companies
  • Improving general operations of our respective companies
  • Gaining insight into how similar companies operate
  • Evaluating and stimulating top management of other peer group companies
  • Creating an open atmosphere between our group members which will enhance each of our personal lives and professional successes

Why Peer Groups?

Contracting Profits, a leading resource for building service contractors, shared why peer groups are so valuable in the BSC community: 

With Peer Groups, BSCs Don't Go It Alone
Four years ago, Greg Buchner went on a blind date. Well, not exactly. Buchner, president and CEO of CleanOffice in Herndon, Virginia, took a phone call with two building service contractors he had never met.  Read more from the Contracting Profits August article.


Each member BSC or contract security firm is allowed one company participant in the Peer Group Program. Each participant is allowed one vote for the purpose of making organizational decisions. With one participant per BSC or contract security firm, and one vote per participant, a majority vote wins in making all decisions. The only exception is new peer group members can be nominated by any one member, but must be approved by the unanimous vote of the current participants.

Business Agreement

In addition to voting and giving general direction to this group, each peer group member BSC or contract security firm and participant must fulfill his/her responsibility in the group by:

  • Attending peer group meetings and any additional scheduled meetings. The dates and locations of any scheduled meetings will be determined each year at the BSCAI Annual Convention & Trade Show committee meetings.
  • Actively give advice and participate in the advancement of this group
  • Not directly competing with another member of this peer groups’ business
    • Situation: A peer group member gets an opportunity to bid on a property in another peer group member’s territory
    • Solution: The peer group member receiving the bid opportunity (member A) in another peer group member’s territory (member B) must contact member B to ask if member B is currently servicing that facility. If member B has that facility as a current account, member A must decline the bid opportunity. If member B is not currently servicing that facility, then both members may bid.
  • Considering all information of any member of this group strictly confidential
    In other words, total and absolute confidentiality of each representative and other employees of each member BSC/contract security firm.
  • Continuing to be a member in good standing in the Building Services Contractor Association International (BSCAI)
  • Agreeing to attend and actively participate in any onsite meetings or audits
  • Refraining from having “cliques” within this peer group
  • Agreeing to copy all member of the peer group of communication between individual members
  • Maintaining complete disclosure to other peer group members
  • Discussing any ill feelings or disagreements directly with the party(ies) and not discussing them outside the peer group
  • Accepting others for their differences in attitudes and/or opinions


  • All incurred expenses to attend audits or meetings shall be borne by each individual peer group member
  • Peer group audits or meeting dates for the balance of the year will be formed at the BSCAI Annual Convention & Trade Show
  • Host company will provide the evening meal on the last night of the audit
  • Suggestions and comments by auditing members will be submitted to the host company on micro-cassettes on the last day of the audit


  • Three or more members (four is ideal) so each company is visited once every two years
  • Ability to meet two times per year, two and a half days at a time
  • Ability to travel to the host location
  • Members should not service the same geographical area
  • The peer group participant should have controlling interest in the company
  • Member should have similar service offerings