Mentor and Mentee Program

About BSCAI Mentor Program

What is the Mentor Program?

If you are looking for a one-on-one relationship with a seasoned professional in the industry, turn to BSCAI for a mentor or become one yourself.  The program pairs members with a mentor/mentee to provide tailored advice and input on business growth, expansion to a new market segment or simply learn from another BSCAI Member.

Why Become a Mentor or Mentee?

Mentor Benefits

Mentee Benefits

Give back to the industry

Gain an intimate sounding board

Potential for lifelong relationship and business partnerships

Grow a personal relationship beyond business

Inspire others

Gather unvarnished feedback and guidance

Exchange of knowledge/benchmarks

Expand your professional network

Expand your professional network Gain geographical insights and knowledge for your business

How Do I Participate?

During the course of your partnership, mentees can ask their mentor for feedback or specific advice on business related topics. For both mentors and mentees, you must be able to commit to six hours of coaching over a three month period. Email communication with mentor/mentee between phone calls as necessary. If time permits, there could be additional in-person meetings as well. Both parties must be receptive to ideas, and mentees must be willing to accept guidance from their mentor. Each person may research each other’s company/background prior to meeting, however must keep absolute confidentiality.

If you are a mentee, you will be sent a questionnaire to help mentor understand what you want to learn.

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