BSCAI Virtual Finance Summit

Thank you for joining us for the 2024 Virtual Finance Summit! Save the date for the 2024 Virtual Finance Summit, taking place on Wednesday, October 23 and stay tuned for more information. 

Take Your Financial Understanding to the Next Level


We are talking all things finance AND more! Join us for BSCAI’s third-annual Virtual Finance Summit where we will kick off the day with a bird’s eye view on the current economic climate before diving into critical topics such as best practices for capitalizing your business, recruiting financial talent, shaping up your financial smarts, and uncovering new insights surrounding financial dashboarding, technology, and auditing. This summit includes key takeaways for those at all levels in your organization and will leave you and your team with the know-how to keep a top-tier financial mindset.

The BSCAI Virtual Finance Summit is proudly sponsored by Sqwire.

Session 1: Navigating Economic Uncertainty: A Strategic Guide for BSCs
Presented by: Michael Gregory, Deputy Chief Economist, Head of U.S. Economics and Managing Director Economics, BMO Capital Markets Economics 

Join us for an insightful economic forecast that will equip you to tackle the challenges of today's uncertain business landscape. In this engaging session, our speaker will delve into critical factors such as inflation, minimum wage changes, office vacancies, and the evolving commercial and retail sectors. They will also explore the lasting impact of COVID-19 and prevailing margin trends. This comprehensive status update will provide a high-level understanding of the economic outlook, empowering you to make informed financial decisions for your company's future. So, grab your coffee and join us as we get a data-driven look at what’s ahead for the economy.

Session 2, Track A: Best Practices for Capitalizing Your Business Mergers & Acquisitions
Presented by: Daryl Pace, Vice President Finance & Information Technology, Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your financial prowess and secure your business's financial future. Track A will dive into everything you need to know and more about M&A so you can embark on a journey towards mastering your business capital.

Session 2, Track B: Best Practices for Capitalizing Your Business — Exploring Lines of Credit and Other Capital Strategies
Presented by: Benjamin L. Van Vlerah, Senior Vice President, The Huntington National Bank

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your financial prowess and secure your business's financial future. Track B will focus on exploring lines of credit and other capital strategies so you can embark on a journey towards mastering your business capital.

Session 3: Finding the Right Fit for Your Finance Team
Presented by: Thor SandvikCPA, CFO, Kidways, LLC

This session is all you need to know for building your finance team by making sure you are hiring the “right” person! Get specific tips and tricks for conducting effective interviews, evaluating applicants fit within your finance team, and ensuring they meet your organization's specific needs. 

Session 4: Practical Finance for Your Team
Presented by: Michael Fitts, Executive Vice President, 4M Building Solutions; Olon Hyde, CBSE, Vice President of Operation, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services; Pat Sullivan, CBSE, President, Mahler Clean; and Marc Vaughn, CBSE, CEO / President, Team MJV

Join us for an enriching session that will elevate your financial intelligence and provide you with sage practical advice. Listen to industry experts as they share their financial stories, offer key takeaways tailored to BSCs to help you safeguard against phishing campaigns, efficiently organize operating expenses, handle payroll, mitigate human errors, and much more.  

Session 5, Track A: Financial Dashboarding – Getting What You ACTUALLY Need to Know!
Presented by: Gerry Henley, CFE, Launch to Growth

Ever wonder, “what numbers should I really be looking at for my finances?” This session will dive into answering this exact question to give BSCs the financial dashboarding tools that will really work for them and their company. You will come away with a greater understanding on building a comprehensive, useful financial dashboard.

Session 5, Track B: All About Audits and Attestations
Presented by: Tiffany Woodley, CFO, WBM

This session will explore why investing in audits and attestations for your organization may benefit you in the long run! Learn exactly what you need to know before taking this step and come away with the insight needed to evaluate what is right for your business.

Thank You to Our Committee

BSCAI would like to thank the following committee members for their hard work creating the 2023 BSCAI Virtual Finance Summit:

  • Daryl Pace, Vice President Finance Information Technology, Bee Clean
  • Olon Hyde, CBSE, Franchise Owner & President, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Tiffany Woodley, CPA, Chief Financial Officer Woodley Building Maintenance