Be Healthier and Happier With Whil

Whil is a digital wellness program designed to train you to stress less, stay focused, sleep better and get the most out of life through neuroscience-based mindfulness. Explore over 1,250 training sessions and curated programs from some of
 the world’s top trainers, and start living a happier, healthier life.

You're trying to balance the demands of home and work, maintain healthy relationships, and find time for yourself. Life is stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Whil helps integrate mindfulness into every aspect of your life so you can pay attention to the present and fully engage in whatever is happening.

Results-focused mindfulness training for your company

Increase job satisfaction and productivity while decreasing stress. Our guided mindfulness, yoga, and compassionate leadership programs train resilient, healthier, happier employees.

Empower your employees

Our easy-to-follow and on-demand sessions help employees reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia, and pain while improving focus, memory, relationships, self-control, and creativity.

Track your progress

See your team’s most visited sessions, engagement level, and total training time. Our easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant dashboard helps prove ROI.

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