Meet Truvelop: A retention solution for Building Service Contractors and Affinity Partner to BSCAI

We help companies in field operations improve their culture by making real-time feedback and coaching part of the daily routine to drive retention, engagement and improve the overall employee experience!

What is Truvelop?

Truvelop is a desktop and mobile app solution (also in Spanish!) that fosters continuous performance management, growth, and development.  It is not just an evaluation tool, but an efficient solution that increases engagement by consistently providing real-time bi-directional feedback and data-driven coaching insights to managers and employees. When Managers and Employees are on the same page about their performance and development opportunities, employees feel like their work matters, they’re valued, and they’re inspired to stay longer. 

Using Truvelop you can:
  • Deliver real-time feedback
  • Measure, track and improve performance
  • Identify & mitigate turnover risks
  • Develop your managers into leaders
  • Use data-driven coaching insights to adopt a coaching culture
  • Communicate with your organization and team as fast as you can text

Don’t just take our word for it! See what our BSCAI customers have to say:
“With Truvelop, our field supervisors finally have a user-friendly tool that ensures that all employee evaluations will be standardized, on time and include ‘coaching insights’ that help our supervisors and managers better understand our workforce. In the cleaning industry ‘human capital’ is our product and accounts for over 75% of our costs-of-goods-sold (COGS). With this in mind, we can’t afford to minimize the value of investing in our workforce!” - Greg Buchner, President and CEO of CleanOffice and PorterPlus

Truvelop is an innovative tool that provides team members with real time feedback about their job performance while also making the performance evaluation process more transparent. This continuous approach will help managers avoid the pitfall of basing an assessment on the 2-3 month period leading up to an individual’s performance review.- Pat Sullivan, President of Mahler Clean

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Disclaimer: BSCAI is pleased to offer this sponsored opportunity to our members. The association expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for the products or services offered by Truvelop.