Bullock & Associates, Inc.

Bullock & Associates, Inc.

Healthcare solutions designed for clarity, transparency and cost effectiveness.

Making the right decision for the healthcare benefits protecting your people has always been a challenge, but in times like these getting it right can become a mystery. Will it truly deliver the coverages, flexibility and response you need? Is it written with clarity and transparency making it understandable?  Is it cost effective, and can it change with your needs over time?

At Bullock & Associates, we’ve helped clients manage a changing healthcare benefits landscape since 1987. We design programs delivering the coverage, flexibility and economy today’s organizations need. And we do it with clarity and simplicity making our programs easier to understand and easier to install.

We do it better because designing and delivering healthcare benefit programs exceeding client expectations is all we do. We begin with a detailed analysis of your needs. No automated surveys or applications. We learn your needs one-on-one, then put our heads together to come up with our best solution for your organization and people. A solution you can understand, and one that fits the realities of your bottom line.

At Bullock & Associates, our commitment is to help you navigate today’s complex healthcare benefits environment to arrive at a solution that is both customized for the needs of your organization and simplified in structure and operation.

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