LEED V5 proposal may be a Setback for the Cleaning Industry.

We need you to comment by May 20, 2024!

The proposed US Green Building Council (USGBC)’s LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance Rating System Version 5 (LEED-EB:O+M V5) poses a setback to the professional cleaning industry seemingly disregarding over a decade of established standards. Released today for public comment, USGBC needs to hear your comments about the proposed LEED-EB:O+M V5 to ensure it better recognizes the critical role of cleaning in safeguarding occupant health and supporting over 100 million frontline workers globally. It will not serve our industry, our customers, or our communities if this Rating System undervalues cleaning and its role in protecting public health.

While we applaud the efforts of USGBC’s staff and volunteers, your comments will be crucial to improving LEED-EB:O+M V5’s proposed cleaning standards, particularly to underscore cleaning’s value and address the new draft’s shortcomings. These shortcomings including eliminating the cleaning prerequisite which eliminates requirements on management systems, weighting (the number of points for cleaning) and appropriately addressing social equity.

Act now: Repost this announcement to your LinkedIn contacts, participate in the discussion, provide your written feedback to USGBC, and ensure the cleaning industry’s voice leads the way towards a balanced, effective LEED-EB:O+M Version 5

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