Government Affairs Fund

BSCAI's Government Affairs Team gives the building service contracting industry clout in the political process. It works to influence Federal legislation and regulation across the issue spectrum — any one of which could wash out a business’ bottom line. Fighting them is one of the toughest — and most important — activities of the Building Service Contractors Association International.

But BSCAI’s Government Affairs Fund’s ability to defend your business rests squarely on the financial support it receives from you and each member of the association. Without the influence of a strong Government Affairs Fund, Congress and government agencies could pile on more laws and regulations, creating more paper work and less time for you to plan and run your business.

With continued struggles against illegal subcontracting, a growing number of immigration crackdowns, and union pressure continuing to mount on our industry, the issues affecting BSCAI members at the federal level are of considerable importance. Revised overtime regulations, and regulatory changes at the federal level are likely to create new challenges for the industry, and federal budget deficits have created a bleak outlook for additional tax relief.

Fortunately, BSCAI’s Government Affairs Team continues to build relationships with key Members of Congress and agency officials to ensure that the interests of all BSCAI members — from veteran multi-state operators and franchises, to our newest building service contractors — are on the table. Working together with the GAF Team, building service contractors nationwide have:

  • Developed a “toolkit” to assist BSCAI members in addressing worker misclassification at a local, regional and federal level;
  • Created an industry-leading Alliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) focused on improving understanding of the unique needs of our industry and providing enhanced education and outreach tools;
  • Challenged efforts by the department of Labor to modify overtime regulations that would substantially change how BSCAI members pay their employees;
  • Assisted the White House in securing key business tax incentives in the President’s tax cut;
  • Advanced legislative proposals by the White House that would alleviate worker shortage through the development of a guest work program;
  • Developed and distributed updates to BSCAI members on current and proposed state services taxation for all 50 states;
  • Provide guidance and “best practices” on how to challenge proposed state services taxation proposals;
  • Continued outreach with Members of Congress and IRS officials on the issue of illegal subcontracting; 
  • Engage in regular dialogue with senior IRS and Social Security Administration officials regarding “no-match” enforcement;
  • Continued to enhance and expand an interactive Internet information network for BSCAI members that ensures rapid communication on time-sensitive Congressional and regulatory issues;
  • Successfully overturned, with BSCAI’s Congressional allies, controversial and costly OSHA ergonomics rules; and

No single member of our industry can change the course of the debate on critical issues like immigration reform, worker shortage, tax relief, or the minimum wage, but your support of the Government Affairs Fund allows BSCAI to leverage the collective voice of our industry to take action on the issues that matter most to your business. Policymakers, regulators, and the media alike look to BSCAI for the latest in industry developments — and through your support the Government Affairs Team is able to deliver our message clearly and effectively to shape the debate.

The ability to maintain this advocacy presence, and fight for building service contractors in Washington, hinges upon the contributions we receive to support our Government Affairs Fund. A contribution to our industry’s efforts is an investment that yields great returns for both your business and the building service contracting industry. Please make a contribution now to help us continue to make a difference in Washington.

For further information on Government Affairs, contact Christopher Mundschenk and find out how you can get involved today!

How BSCAI’s Government Affairs Fund Works for You

BSCAI's Government Affairs Fund's pro-active initiatives are dedicated to defeating anti-business legislation and passing laws that support the continued growth and prosperity of the building service contracting industry. These efforts include:

  • Testifying before Congressional committees
  • One-on-one contact with your congressional representatives
  • Participation in the regulatory process
  • Coalition building with other industries
  • Increasing industry awareness
    • Capitol Hill Alerts” calling for industry-wide action
  • Industry-led lobbying campaigns
  • Monitoring, researching, and reporting on the issues that affect your business. 

Special Bonus You Will Receive

When you become a contributor to the BSCAI Government Affairs Fund you’ll receive a free Government Affairs Plaque or Certificate. All contributors donating $1,000 or more to BSCAI’s Government Affairs Fund receive a personalized plaque in appreciation for their contribution. All other contributors receive a personalized government affairs certificate in appreciation for their commitment to the government affairs fund. Don’t miss your chance to have a say before Congress. Get involved today!