BSCAI is pleased to announce a special partnership with ChronoTek! ChronoTek specializes in telephone time clock Web-based software for tracking employee time and attendance.  Founded in 1995, ChronoTek serves clients nationwide, in Canada and Puerto Rico by providing telephone time clock software for accurately tracking employee time and attendance from any phone anywhere around the world.  ChronoTek is licensed and legal provider of patented caller ID technology that enables companies to see the phone number from which employees call, and site location if calling from a land line.

ChronoTek provides discounted pricing on web based real time telephone timekeeping which tracks employee time and attendance.

Addititional benefits include:

  • Discounts based on NSA purchases as a whole
  • Free Trial, Support Activities and Sign-up
  • No Upfront or On-going costs, fees
  • Discount and Terms
  • Emergency support  24/7 

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Disclaimer: BSCAI is pleased to offer this sponsored opportunity to our members.
The association expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for the products or services offered by ChronoTek.