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2019 BSCAI Financial Benchmarking Survey now open!

Conducted in partnership with Mackay Research Group, the 2019 study will result in a final report that will help you more accurately assess performance, identify areas of improvement, and uncover new opportunities for growth. Participate today by downloading and completing the PDF or Excel version of the survey and send it to our partner, Mackay Research Group, via email, fax or by mail. Your information will never be shared with BSCAI staff or volunteer leaders. Click here to download detailed instructions.

Once you've submitted your data, Mackay Research Group will compile it and create a final report that benchmarks your information against the industry. The final Excel dashboard will allow you to slice and dice the data for your needs. The deadline to participate is June 14.

Only those who participate will receive the report free of charge; all other members will be able to purchase the report when available.


2018 BSCAI Compensation Report

The 2018 BSCAI Compensation Report provides detailed analysis of exempt employee compensation including base salary, bonus, and total compensation along with detailed hourly wage rates and fringe benefits. Results profiled in this report are based on 2018 compensation and benefit data provided by 41 building services contractors, totaling 29,621 employees in 7 exempt employee classifications and 4 hourly employee wage classifications.
The tables and graphs contained in this report are designed to provide comprehensive, yet straightforward guidelines for analyzing compensation packages among building services contractors.


2018 Report On The Building Service Contractor Market

This survey was designed to target the purchasing habits and market growth of building service contractors (BSCs) nationwide in 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: This report is FREE for all BSCAI members and non-members.


Cleaning Costs & Frequencies Report

Contracting Profits, Facility Cleaning Decisions and the BSCAI recently surveyed more than 600 facilities representing a dozen facility types about their cleaning operations. The results, including data for commercial offices, K-12 schools, government facilities, retail stores, industrial facilities, religious buildings, colleges/universities, hospitals, outpatient clinics and more, are available in this new report.

PLEASE NOTE: This report is FREE for all BSCAI members. If you are not a member of BSCAI, it is available for purchase here:

Access the report.


2017 BSCAI/ISSA Building Service Contractor Benchmarking Study

The BSCAI/ISSA Building Service Contractor Benchmarking Study was initiated by the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) and ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, and conducted by independent, third-party professionals at Maximum Performance Group. The purpose of the study was to gather information and identify trends about building service contractor (BSC) firms in the commercial cleaning industry.

This report provides a detailed account of the aggregated survey results, which were derived from unique survey questionnaires that ISSA- and BSCAI-member firms completed in the spring of 2017. Individual results are entirely anonymous, confidential, and not available to either ISSA or BSCAI staff.

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