How to Join

Welcome to our updated website!  The join process has been updated so we provided some help instructions below.  If you have any trouble along the way, please don't hesitate to contact and we will be able to assist.  

  1. To become a new member please click the Join Now button below
  2. A new browser tab will open and will ask for you to "sign up with a new account".  Proceed to enter with the Username, email and password you would like to use for your main account and click "Sign Up"
  3. After you enter your information you will be sent a verification code to confirm your account via email.  The email will be delivered from  Please check your spam or junk mail for delivery.  
  4. Once you receive and enter your verification code, you can proceed.
  5. As you create your personal account, you will be asked for basic contact information as well as your picture!
  6. Organization Information - during this step, join your current company if you are already a member of BSCAI, or create a new organization by entering your company information.   
  7. Select your role with the organization.  Select Primary Contact or Billing Contact if you wish to manage the employees assigned to your organization.
  8. Follow the prompts to purchase membership and proceed to check out. You may provide payment by credit card or select pay later option to pay by check. If you elect to pay by check, you will not receive full member benefits until payment is received. 
  9. Any questions? Contact us at or (800) 368-3414.   

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