BSCAI Virtual Sales Summit

Getting Out of Your Traditional Sales Box

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT

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Thank you for joining us for the third-annual BSCAI Virtual Sales Summit. This year, we’re took a new spin on sales and pushing the limits on selling. Attendees were taught how to get out of those old habits and share what new, innovative selling can do to your bottom line. Plus, they had a chance to listen from industry leaders on the new trends they’re seeing and creative ways they’re approaching the traditional sales model.

Session 1: Expand Your Growth Mindset
Presented by: Alex Goldfayn, CEO, The Revenue Growth Consultancy

During this session, our speaker, will share how changing the way that you think will impact the way you act and then eventually sell to new/current customers. Join Alex has he walks your own growth mindset and learn how to make changes that you can take back and share with your team.

Session 2: Understanding Prospecting and Developing a Proactive Growth Pipeline
Presented by: John Disselkamp, Owner and President, First Class Commercial Cleaning

The first step of any sale is getting in front of new customers. People often ask just how you are getting in front of these customers. During this session, we’ll not only talk through how to get in front of new customers, but we will share new prospecting techniques that you can use with your team. Understanding your niche and creating a customer pipeline are just some of the examples that will be discussed.

Session 3: Walking Out with Better Negotiation Tactics  
Presented by: Carlo Oviedo, Chief Revenue Officer, Culture Studio 

We’re under-indexed on others that magnetize, inspire, and are unique to YOU and YOUR COMPANY. Join our Carlo Oviedo, as he discusses what intrinsically inspires you and your team to stay, preform and advocate.

Session 4: Creating a New Pricing Strategy to Beat Out Your Competitors
Presented by: Tony Johnson, VP of Client Services, Pioneer and Matthew Teribery, Business Development Director, B&T Building Services

Once you understand who your prospects are and understand your teams inspiration to sell for you, you need to ensure there’s a pricing strategy behind costs. Listen into the interview between Tony Johnson and Matt Teribery as they discuss different pricing strategy, different pricing models and how it can differ for each new customer they’re interacting with.

Thank You to Our Committee Members

BSCAI would like to thank the following committee members for their hard work creating the BSCAI Virtual Sales Summit.

  • Matthew Teribery, Business Development Director, B&T Building Services

  • John Disselkamp, Owner & CEO, First Class Commercial Cleaning

  • Ricky Regalado, CEO & Founder, Route