BSCAI Virtual Sales Summit

Establishing the Cornerstones for Elevated Success (Focusing on the Four “E’”s of Selling)

Wednesday, August 23, 2023
10:00 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. CT


You’re not new to sales and marketing; after all, you’ve already promoted and grown your business to where it is now. The learning never stops for our industry on how we can take what we are doing to the next level. During BSCAI’s Virtual Sales Summit, BSCs and professionals working in the industry will learn how to establish creative and innovative strategies for their sales and marketing foundation that promote deepened trust and value with customers, stakeholders and community members.

Session 1: Establishing a Creative Sales and Marketing Foundation
Presented by: Ryan Bishop, CEO, DTK Facility Services, LLC, Adam Cohron, VP of Business Development, BCJ Building Services, Dennis Richards, CBSE, President, Puritan Commercial Cleaning & Services, and Paul Taylor, CBSE, CEO, ESS Clean, Inc.

If the final handshake with a new client is the icing, then effective sales and marketing tactics are the cake! During this session, you will learn how building a reputable foundation for your business doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all method. Panelists will share insights for driving your business’ reputation using various sales and marketing tactics, whether with a high-quality website, comprehensive marketing campaign, social media presence, or even dynamic breakfast meetings with clients. Attendees will come away with creative and engaging methods to make their foundations even stronger than they already are.

Session 2: Establishing “Real-Deal” Trust to Get Your Customers in the Door and Keep Them There
Presented by: Jeff Carmon, CBSE, VP, Customer Experience, Frantz Building Services, Inc.

Your client’s trust in your services and your team is imperative for your business’ growth and retention. You can provide the highest quality services in your community with the lowest rates, but that won’t matter if you can’t establish real-deal trust with potential and current businesses. Attendees will learn the critical facets of building trust to better sell and market their quality services. You will come away with tips and tricks for building trust during the bidding process to not only get you the “in” you need but cement your role as the trusted service provider.

Session 3: Establishing a Gold Standard Stakeholder Strategy
Presented by: Charles Keenum, CBSE, Vice President, The Budd Group, Matthew Streiff, VP of Marketing & Specialty Services, The Budd Group, Kristina Thayer, CBSE, Director of Business Development, MSNW Group, Inc.

Get the edge you’ve been looking for to take your business above and beyond the competition by learning how to identify and meet the needs of different stakeholders, whether they be human resources professionals or procurement analysts. Join your BSC peers in learning how to understand the needs of and provide valuable solutions for all stakeholders during the business process. You will take home a critical understanding of implementable strategies for furthering your stakeholder relationships.

Session 4: Establishing Value-Added Sales
Presented by:
Dana Boyce, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Pioneer Building Services, LLC., Josh Hendricks, Executive Vice President, 4M Building Solutions, Jason Lee, CBSE, CEO, Lee Building Maintenance, Curtis McLemore, CBSE, CEO, McLemore Building Maintenance, Inc., and Bill Warnecki, CBSE, President/Owner, SERVPRO of Alexandria

Expand your comprehension of value-added sales by joining us for an interactive panel session to wrap up our day. A selling method that utilizes value-added sales practices is critical when working through any type of sale with a new or current customer. Learn how to effectively communicate what they will “get” from going into business with you and set measurable goals that you can implement immediately. A case study on value-added sales will also be presented to showcase a real-life example.

Thank You to Our Committee Members

BSCAI would like to thank the following committee members for their hard work creating the BSCAI Virtual Sales Summit.

  • Dennis Richards, CBSE, President, Puritan Commercial Cleaning & Services
  • Charles Keenum, CBSE, Vice President, The Budd Group