BSCAI Virtual Sales Summit 

Wednesday, August 21, 2024
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Sales Mastery: Optimize, Motivate, Elevate, and Drive Success

You're already a sales and marketing pro (or maybe you're looking to become one), but the journey to mastery never stops. At the Virtual Sales Summit, join industry leaders to explore advanced strategies in value-based selling, team structuring, performance optimization, and balanced marketing. Learn to build stronger customer relationships, enhance team efficiency, and showcase unmatched value. Elevate your sales efforts and drive your business to new heights.

Session 1: Unlocking Sales Success: Mastering Inbound and Outbound Marketing
Speakers to be announced. 

Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin. In this engaging session, our expert presenter will reveal actionable tips on balancing inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Dive deep into the art of lead generation, learn from real-world examples of marketing wins and misses, and discover how to amplify your marketing efforts for maximum impact. Whether you're looking to attract new leads or nurture existing ones, this session is packed with insights to elevate your sales game.

Session 2: Mastering Value-Based Selling: Building Relationships Beyond Price
Speakers to be announced.

In the world of electronic RFPs, price often gets the spotlight, but the true driving force behind successful sales is the strength of your customer relationships. Join our panelists as they delve into value-based selling philosophies that prioritize customer connections over price points. Learn how to initiate and foster strong relationships with both prospects and existing customers and effectively get them to 'buy-in' to the value you provide. Implement these strategies in your sales process and the result will be that you will win the customers that are the right fit for your business. Our experts will share real-life examples and practical insights to help you shift the focus from cost to value, ensuring long-term customer loyalty and success.

Session 3: Structuring Sales Teams for Success: Hunting, Farming, and Upselling Strategies
Speakers to be announced. 

Reaching sales targets is crucial, but how do your team members achieve them? We will explore best practices for structuring your sales team to balance new client prospecting with maintaining strong customer relations and deepening your value to existing customers through providing them with additional services. Learn strategies for growing with current customers, gaining referrals, and effectively balancing hunting for new business with farming existing relationships. Discover the keys to organizing your sales team to optimize both new client acquisition and new business with existing customers. The results lead to a higher level of service and satisfaction for existing customers and ultimately higher revenue on multiple fronts.

Session 4: Optimizing Sales Performance: Goals, Roles, and Motivators
Speakers to be announced.

Enhance your sales team's performance by setting effective goals, defining clear expectations, and understanding key motivators. Our panelists will share insights on the impact of commission structures and what truly drives success. Engage with interactive polling and crowdsourced data to see how your strategies stack up against industry trends. Learn to align your team's efforts with your company’s objectives for maximum success.

Thank You to Our Committee Members

BSCAI would like to thank the following committee members for their hard work creating the BSCAI Virtual Sales Summit.

  • Joshua Richards, COO, Puritan Commercial Cleaning & Services
  • Kristina Thayer, CBSE, Director of Business Development, MSNW Group, LLC
  • Josh Hendricks, Executive Vice President | Sales & Marketing, 4M Building Solutions