2024 BSCAI Virtual Operations Summit

Wednesday, June 12
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. CDT


Join BSCAI for the 2024 Annual Virtual Operations Summit and take a deep dive with your peers to enhance your expertise and knowledge into all things operations. Through an operations-focused lens, attendees will increase their understanding on topics such as maximizing operational team talent, analyzing client culture and profitability, and having a game plan for the unplanned. Industry experts will provide insights and guidance that will allow you to take home fresh ideas and strategies.


Session 1: Developing and Maximizing Your Team’s Operational Talent
Moderator: Claudia St. John, SPHRSHRM-SCP, President, The Workplace Advisors
Panelists: Michael Fitts, Executive Vice President, 4M Building Maintenance;  Brittany Babbs, RBSM, Chief Operations Officer, ESS Clean; Charles Keenum, CBSE, Senior Vice President, The Budd Group; and Tony McMillin, CBSE, Vice President of Operations, Vonachen Group

Are you ready to take your operations team to the next level? This session will cover how you can utilize a people-development lens to maximize the effectiveness of your operations department. Attendees will increase their understanding of when it’s time to take inventory of their current operations team talent and how to implement people-development strategies that will link to your operations ROI while supporting their employees to getting to the next steppingstone in their careers.

Session 2: Getting the Right Clients & How It Benefits Your Operations Team
Renard Tallushi, RBSM, CWLS, Director of Operations, Safety and Sustainability; and Owen O'Mahony, CBSE & CIMS, I.C.E, Senior Vice President, Direct Clean Service Solutions

We all have the main goal to grow our business, and a huge proponent of that is winning and retaining excellent clients. But are some clients creating a culture of burnout for your operations team? This session will take a deep dive into the critical linking of a client’s culture and needs to the success of your operations team, and how to look for clients that will ACTUALLY benefit your operations team growth, rather than stunt it! This discussion will focus on the importance of full transparency, effective communication, and how developing a relationship built on trust is critical for client retention. Attendees will get to hear expert insights and come away with an expanded mindset for looking at the connection between client culture and operational efficacy.

Session 3: Stop Playing Catch-Up: Preparing for Operations Surprises
Duane Knight, Chief Financial Officer, KG Facility Solutions
Panelists: Connor Haas, Regional Manager, Merchants Building Maintenance, LLC and Michael Diamond, CBSE, Partner/Solutions Expert, Pritchard Industries 

We’ve all been there – a last minute call-out, an unplanned situation popping up, or a complete curveball that takes us by surprise. Join this session to learn how to “plan for the unplanned” to make sure your operations department keeps running smoothly in any situation. This session will provide insights to attendees on how to reduce volatility, generate a game plan for even when your operations reinforcements fall through, and address common issues, like scheduling going off the rails, that can cause hiccups in the process. Attendees will come away with information they need to develop game plans for their own teams and feel empowered to lead in any surprising situation.

Session 4: The Perfect Formula: Achieving, Sustaining, and Growing Customer Profitability
Scott McClymonds, Owner, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services of Northwest Arkansas
Panelists: Josh Richards, COO, Puritan Commercial Cleaning; Barney Gershen, Consultant, Gershen Consulting; and Dean Siegel, Owner, Ascent Building Services

This session will focus on client profitability from the viewpoint of your operations experts, especially when a customer hasn’t been as profitable as they could be. You will learn how to train and utilize your operations team to use their expertise to turn a struggling client into a profitable client. This will include identifying the client issues, such as turnover, incorrect training, scope, ensuring actual hours do not exceed budgeted hours, and how you can work with your operations team to turn it around! Attendees will also increase their understanding of how to make efficiencies meet the client’s budget needs.

Thank You to Our Committee

BSCAI would like to thank the following committee members for their hard work creating the 2024 BSCAI Virtual Operations Summit.

  • Duane Knight, Chief Financial Officer, KG Facility Solutions
  • Renard Tallushi, Director of Operations, Direct Clean
  • Scott Mcclymonds, Owner, Office Pride of Fayetteville-Bentonville