Brian Beaulieu, CEO and Chief Economist, Principal, ITR Economics

Calculate to Win

Brian Beaulieu has served as CEO and Chief Economist of ITR Economics™ since 1987, where he researches the use of business cycle analysis and economic forecasting as tools for improving profitability. Brian has shared his highly valued research results via presentations, workshops, and seminars in numerous countries to hundreds of thousands of business owners and executives for the last 40 years.

He is coauthor of Prosperity in the Age of Decline, a powerful look at how to make the most of the US and global trends over the next 20 years, as well as Make Your Move, a practical and insightful guide to increasing profits through inevitable business cycle changes. Brian also coauthored But I Want It!, ITR Economics’ first children’s book.

Douglas Cooke, Founder and Executive Chairman, Principle Clean

Lessons From an Undercover Boss and Challenges in the UK Market

Doug has worked in the cleaning industry for over 50 years. In 1989, when he founded Principle, his vision was to build a company focused on relationships and results. His unwavering attention to both has made Principle Cleaning the company it is today: one that people are genuinely proud to work with and work for. His industry reputation has led him to twice take on the role of Chairman of the cleaning industry body, Cleaning & Support Services Association most recently since 2015.

Doug is particularly proud of the industry recognition that Principle has received over the years. From Premises & Facilities Management awards to multiple prestigious Golden Service awards, each is testament to the team’s achievements and continued improvement. Two particularly special awards however, are Doug’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the 2016 European Cleaning Hygiene Awards, confirming his and Principle’s reputation and influence beyond the UK and his second lifetime achievement award at the 2022 CSSA industry lunch.

Outside of work, Doug is a keen sportsman: enjoying skiing and refereeing rugby in the winter and windsurfing in the summer. He is also the grandfather of 4 energetic little grandchildren who still laugh at his jokes, although we’re not sure for how much longer.

Jill Davie, President, TEAM Software powered by WorkWave

Labor Trends: Hiring and Retaining in 2023 and Beyond

Jill Davie started full time with TEAM Software in May 1998 as an account manager after working at the company as an intern during college. Over the next two decades, she held various roles, including senior vice president of client experience. Davie is now using her deep industry knowledge, her focus on our customers and her passion for TEAM’s people to serve as TEAM’s president. She earned her Bachelor of Science in business administration and marketing from Iowa State University.

Mark Herbick, Founder and CEO, Pursant, LLC

State of M&A in the BSC Sector

Mark Herbick is the Founder and CEO of Pursant, an investment banking, financial and management consulting firm that supports and executes middle market M&A related initiatives and helps business owners grow enterprise value.

Prior to founding Pursant, Mark was a serial entrepreneur and buyer/seller of businesses, having bought, sold and operated over a dozen companies of his own and advised on countless strategic transactions in numerous sectors, including the BSC sector. He grew his companies through acquisitions, strategic divestitures of divisions and managed organic growth. During his time as an operator, Mark found that to best grow enterprise value, it was necessary to become proficient at optimizing company performance and executing strategic transactions. He honed his skills in these areas and in 2009 founded, Pursant, LLC.

Keith Roberts III, Author, Entrepreneur, and Keynote Speaker

Level Up Your Life

Keith’s life purpose is to inspire others to be the best possible version of themselves. He continuously accomplishes this with science, spirituality, and gratitude.

Keith Roberts is an author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. He created the OAK Journal to fulfill his personal why - Through kindness and generosity to help others see who they could become. Keith regularly speaks to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and corporate clients to empower them with the tools to achieve any goals. You will learn to be the best version of yourself through positive psychology and scientifically proven techniques.

Howard Schweitzer, Chief Executive Officer, Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies

What To Expect From Government in an Era of Polarization

Howard Schweitzer is CEO of Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies and served in high-level political and executive appointments in the Bush, Clinton, and Obama administrations, including a pivotal role in the federal government’s financial crisis response as Chief

Operating Officer of the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Howard counsels clients regarding a variety of regulatory and policy issues before the U.S. government and represents clients before U.S. Executive Branch agencies and Congress.

In October 2008, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson appointed Howard as the first COO of TARP. In this position, Howard led program execution and built the TARP infrastructure. He served as a key point person regarding the financial crisis through the presidential transition and continued to serve as TARP COO under Secretary Timothy Geithner until August 2009. In this position, Howard played a critical role in overseeing the program administration and was responsible for ensuring that multiple agencies and government parties were aligned and coordinated in their understanding of the program and its priorities.

Prior to his Treasury appointment, Howard was appointed by President Bush as senior vice president, general counsel, corporate secretary, and chief ethics officer at the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank). In this capacity, he was Ex-Im Bank's principal legal and corporate governance officer. Howard began his career at Ex-Im Bank during the Clinton administration and throughout his tenure was involved in negotiating the bank's most complex international financial transactions. Howard also played a key role in managing the bank's $60 billion credit portfolio and in interfacing with other executive branch agencies and Congress. Howard served as a trusted adviser to five bank chief executives in both Republican and Democratic administrations and ran the Senate confirmation process for more than 20 presidential nominees.

Mike Staver, Author, Speaker, and Coach

How to Build a Performance Culture

Mike Staver is the author of Leadership Isn’t for Cowards and an internationally respected speaker, author, and coach. Mike takes noisy, often complex, leadership content and makes it immediately useful, digestible, and entertaining.

In all Mike's work, the goal is simple – helping leaders perform better and live better lives. To accomplish this, Mike uses counterintuitive perspectives, a storytelling style, and entertaining delivery that makes the often-challenging realities of work and life easier to absorb and put into practice.

Mike has degrees in Business Administration and Counseling Psychology. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and in 2022 was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. Companies from Federal Express and Miracle Ear to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and the Mayo Clinic have repeatedly invited him to contribute to the development of their leaders.

Mike architected a training program ranked #1 by Training Magazine on their 2018 Training Top 125 list, which recognizes organizations with the most successful learning and development programs in the world. That same program joined the Training Magazine Hall of Fame in 2019.

In the last 30 years, Mike has influenced over 200,000 people in ways that have not only transformed thinking and action but improved results. His message is grounded in the belief that leadership is about influence regardless of position, title, or power.

There’s more, but frankly….while all of that took a lot of work the real work has been hard earned over the last 30 years in the trenches of businesses from health care to high-end security and guiding clients through a multitude of business struggles. Mike has seen it all and has taken those experiences and used them to help others build better lives and careers.