The Janitorial Store

The Janitorial Store

BSCAI Members Receive $100 Off a One-Year Premium Subscription to The Janitorial Store and Clean Smart University

It's time to step up your game in your cleaning company and we're here to help you do just that! Employee and Management Training is the key to employee retention and growth.

Creating a learning culture in your organization will help you lay the foundation for building a high-performance team of employees. Companies that provide learning opportunities for employees and managers consistently produce the best results for their customers. Yet only 31% of organizations have a well-developed learning culture according to a report from ATD (Association for Talent Development).

Once you build your learning foundation with the help of Clean Smart University, you can use it in your employee recruiting efforts. Employees with repetitive jobs like cleaning are looking for better opportunities to learn and grow. Be the cleaning company in your market that offers ongoing training to both cleaning and supervisory staff. 

Providing consistent learning opportunities also leads to improved employee engagement and retention. Wouldn't you like to be known as the company that takes the time to train and engage its employees? When your employees eventually leave to move on to their next chapter, you can feel good about the fact that you helped to develop them into a productive member of the workforce; and maybe even a strong leader allowing them to pursue their purpose in life.

As a Premium Member of The Janitorial Store, you'll gain access to a gold mine of downloadable and online training and more!

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Disclaimer: BSCAI is pleased to offer this sponsored opportunity to our members. The association expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for the products or services offered by The Janitorial Store.