Executive Management Conference Handouts

Executive Management Conference Handouts

Save a Tree! Use Technology! Instead of printing off the following items below, consider loading them onto your laptop, iPad or tablet. To download session handouts, click on the hyperlinked session title. Please note that all session presentations that were provided to BSCAI are available below. If there is not a presentation listed for a session, it is because one was not provided or has not been provided yet. Please check back for updates.

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Crucial Conversations Workshop

Darryl Harris, Partner/Senior Instructor, Carroll-Keller Group

Whether you are working with a new employee or a seasoned veteran, there is always something you
could be doing in the way of coaching and counseling that can help your team members sharpen their
skills and solve problems that will boost their performance. Successful managers realize that in today’s extremely competitive environment all team members must be performing at 100% to produce outstanding results. This intensive one-day workshop will develop the key skills to help you deliver world class coaching and counseling to dramatically improve performance. Through a series of activities, interactive exercises, role plays and case studies you will develop best practice skills to boost the productivity of your entire team.

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How to Pick the Right Technology Partners and Keep Your Business Secure

Manual Bautista, CIO, Harvard Maintenance, Inc.

As BSCs of varying sizes our technology needs are unique, but as technology becomes a larger part of our business, we all need to use outside resources from time to time. These decisions can sometimes make or break us, as they can represent substantial time and capital investments, involve high levels of confidentiality, can improve efficiency and communication, and be a differentiator for our customers. Picking the right technology partner is an important decision and here are some tips for making the right decisions

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Uncommon Leadership Keynote

Michael York, Author

Welcome to the “Now Economy” where it doesn’t matter how good you used to be. Customers and prospective buyers want to understand how good you will be next week. In a world where we hear the same questions and answers over and over, you need to be coming up with new answers to “right now” questions. Learn how to take steps to become a true, uncommon leader who knows the value of principles and influences how others think. Leaders are rare and they take risks – not shortcuts. True leadership is about changing people’s behavior, but you need to go first.

Leadership is Awesomely Simple! ​

John Spence, Managing Partner, John Spence, LLC.

During this fast paced and information-intensive workshop John will share his insights in three specific areas:

  • The Formula for Business Excellence – The four fundamental things that create a foundation for a highly successful business.​
  • Winning Culture – How to build an organizational culture that creates engaged employees who deliver positive business results.
  • Leader of the Future – The seven key characteristics of effective leaders, and how to lead organizations in a time of great change.

This will be a hands-on workshop where you will develop specific action steps to implement what you have learned.

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