Digital Badging

What is Digital Badging?

Show off your BSCAI certifications with Digital Badges! Digital Badges are a way to recognize your BSCAI certifications in a format that can be readily shared online. Like a paper certificate — when the icon is clicked, the information revealed can be authenticated and verified by the viewer, along with providing an expiration date. Once linked up to your profiles, your badge will serve as your online resume, confirming that you are a trusted source who offers value in the building service contractors industry.

How Does it Work? 

BSCAI currently has three Digital Badge offerings: RBSM, CBSE, and RBSP. Each badge (icon) is embedded with metadata and includes evidence of where, when, how and why it was earned. If you qualify, you will receive an email informing you of the issued badge and how to use it. 

Why Have a Digital Badge? 

Digital badging is quickly becoming the currency of choice for professional recognition. Badges offer a convenient way to digitally record, store and share your certifications and experiences online. They also ensure the authenticity and security of credentials being delivered and shared.

Any badge in your portfolio can be shared on social media sites, online resumes, company websites and email signatures. Share your expertise today! 


Download Digital Badging Frequently Asked Questions

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