EPAY Systems

EPAY Systems

EPAY Systems is proud to provide the leading human capital management system for building service contractors.

Our time tracking and workforce management technology helps companies shave up to 10% off labor costs by preventing time theft, streamlining payroll, and providing easy access to operational analytics. 

We can help you eliminate time theft with our biometric technology. Our plug and play time clocks are equipped with the latest facial and fingerprint recognition features. Plus, our award-winning mobile app with facial biometrics tracks on-the-go workers and ensures they’re clocking-in from a pre-approved radius.

Additionally, our flexible technology gives you unparalleled accuracy by calculating overtime rules, union contracts, minimum wage requirements, shift differentials and numerous work site locations. We also help you streamline payroll processing with a workforce analytics dashboard that easily identifies punch exceptions. Plus, with our integrated payroll module, there’s no more exporting of approved timesheets. It’s done for you! 

EPAY’s workforce analytics helps you cut labor costs by identifying sites that need to improve time collection efficiencies and operational protocols. You’ll get instant visibility into labor spend and be able to determine if field managers are meeting budgets and other important metrics. Request a demonstration today.

For fast assistance, call our marketing desk at 1-877-800-3729 x9020

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