National Enrollment Services

National Enrollment Services

Through our new partnership with National Enrollment Services, BSCAI can bring another program that we think will be of substantial benefit to both members and their staff.  National Enrollment Services (NES) assists members with entitled company tax credits, employee earned income tax credits, and voluntary benefit programs.

Billions of dollars in tax credits go unclaimed each year. Indeed, the potential to reduce the amount of federal income taxes your company pays is significant. This applies to small companies as well as large.  If 10 of your employees qualify during the year, your potential credit is $24,000. If 50 employees qualify, your potential credit is $120,000, and if 100 employees qualify, your potential credit is $240,000.

Employee retention in the building service contractor industry is a huge challenge, and turnover is costly. We recognize that you are continually exploring new ways to retain your valued employees. Accordingly, another component of this program is to put more money in your employees’ pockets. NES offers an incredible program that provides you the opportunity to secure increased monies for your lower paid employees through the IRS Earned Income Credit laws.

In addition, the federal government will REFUND any earned income credit not claimed by the employees on tax returns for the past three years. NES will assist your employees in determining whether they qualify for such a refund which could be as much as $1,000 per year.

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