Healthcare Solutions

Northpointe Insurance and its staff want to thank the BSCAI’s members for the opportunity to provide Medical Insurance where needed. We have a plan designed specifically for BSCAI members that will bring added benefits, cost savings and stability to your bottom line.

Keep this in mind: if one of your employees goes to the exchange and buys coverage and receives a premium subsidy, your company plan(s) will be reviewed! Our friends at the IRS will want to know if you are offering a plan that is affordable, meets the actuarial minimum value requirements, and meets all the essential coverage requirements of at least a bronze level plan. The minimum penalty is $40,000 for non-compliance.

At Northpointe, we have the plans, systems technology, and overall expertise to help your company avoid costly mistakes and make sure your plan(s) are in compliance.

Northpointe is also excited to announce WellCard, the latest member benefit that will help BSCAI members maintain a competitive advantage in their markets. The WellCard is a program that offers immediate savings for you, your employees and their families on prescriptions drugs, laboratory work, outpatient procedures and more.  No insurance plan is required and it works with any existing program(s) you may already have in place to save up to a 65% at the time of purchase. There is absolutely no cost to you or your company to use the card, and it can be used by every employee (full-time, part-time or hourly) at your company and any member of their family. WellCard is just another example of why BSCAI is the Business Resource for Contractors™. 

Northpointe Insurance, LLC offers you and your employees an affordable, flexible and customizable plan that will greatly enhance your current offerings. This plan can help reduce staff turnover, save your company money and improve your competitive advantage when recruiting top talent.

Offering stable, inexpensive and sound medical insurance is a benefit every employee and business owner longs for, and through BSCAI’s partnership with Northpointe, you now have access to that.

As an employer, you can now provide health insurance coverage based on an hourly premium instead of the usual monthly premium.  In many cases this is a good idea and here are a few reasons why:

  • Employees paid by the hour often find an hourly premium less intimidating and easier to understand
  • Participants are eligible for benefits from the first hour worked.
  • Premiums are paid only for the hours actually worked, which is great for part time and/or seasonal workers.
  • Simplifies employer administration. The number of hours worked times the hourly premium is what should be paid.  Example: $.86/hour x 120 hours = $103.20
  • If a participant leaves mid-month there are no worries about partial premiums. 
  • The employee/participant and all of his or her dependents are covered for the one hourly premium.

BSCAI provides all the up-to-date information you need to know for your business. If you are a BSCAI Member, please click here to log in so you can obtain further information or contact Northpointe directly to determine the best level of coverage for your workforce. If you are a non-member, please click here to find out more about joining BSCAI.