Virtual Sales Summit

November 10 | 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CDT

This isn’t a “typical” sales workshop, this is multifaceted to address current challenges and introduce new techniques to leverage modern tools and technology. Attend this one day sales summit to hear tried and true methods for sales, how to find success in today’s sales environment, new tools for modern sales teams and how to target the most profitable sales opportunities.

Who should attend? Sales representatives, customer service teams, marketing teams and anyone tasked with helping grow sales and revenue within your company.

BSCAI Members can attend for $99
Non-members can attend for $149



Predictable & Dramatic Sales Growth, Even In A Pandemic
Alex Goldfayn, The Revenue Growth Consultancy
Based on Alex’s new book "5-Minute Selling: The Proven, Simple System that Can Double Your Sales…Even When You Don’t Have Time," Alex will cover mindsets, techniques, and accountability for predictable sales growth. That’s right, we’re talking growth you can depend on. That’s what Alex’s clients create, and in this session he will walk you through their process.



Selling in a Virtual World
Will Humsi and Dave Clement, Simon-Kucher and Partners
In this session, experts from growth strategy consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners will discuss how to think about new roles and responsibilities in a remote setup, remote selling process and tools, remote leadership and engagement strategies, running targeted campaigns and adjusting the operating model to prepare for the uptake.



Tired of the New Normal? Help Occupants Regain Confidence in their Workplace
Chris Arlen, President, Revenue-IQ
Join Chris Arlen as he discusses cleaning for health and how it’s replaced orderliness/tidiness, cleaning’s hidden requirements, why BSC’s should help with occupant confidence and much more! You will walk away with how to answer questions about “showing the clean” and how to retain and expand with existing customers.



Selling & Marketing in 2020 & Beyond
Brian Koehn, General Partner, BK Ventures
Explore how to make a real impact on your buyers from first impression, sales meeting, through proposals, and closing using modern techniques and technology. You will leave with knowledge that you can immediately implement in your business to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams.



Target Selling
Peter Philippi, Founder/Chairman, Strategex
Everyone wants increased sales, but not all growth is good for the company, or profitable. Knowing what to pursue strategically, and how to pursue is the key to making more money, and making a sustainable impact on the business. This requires focus, discipline and rigor. Walk away from this session with a fresh perspective on your business, and proven tools to make growth happen.