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Economics Session: A New World
Dr. Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics

Changes have occurred in Washington, and changes are occurring in Europe, the UK, China, commodity prices, oil prices and in other key sectors of the US and global economy.  We will look at these changes with an eye to what they will mean to the US economy and to building service contractors.   Attendees will be know what to expect, and how long the upside business cycle pressures will last, especially as it relates to occupancy rates in nationally and in key cities.  There are good days coming – the key will be to ready for them.  We will talk about the negatives in the world, but we will also discuss the positive economic realities, too.  We will be approaching the next recession, too, and we will need to take a look at that as well.  Attendees should leave with a solid, positive outlook for their future.

State of M&A and Strategic Transactions in the Middle Market and Building Services Sector
Mark Herbick, CEO, Pursant, LLC

Mindfulness: The New Competitive Advantage for Business (and Life)

Joe Burton, CEO, Whil

Our culture is taken with mindfulness, and for good reason. Overwhelming research shows that mindfulness training not only helps reduce stress and increase mental wellbeing, but has a wide array of health, performance, relationship and sleep benefits. Join BSCAI’s new affiliate partner Whil for this interactive training session. Joe Burton, Whil’s founder and CEO, will share a morning of training and an overview of how mindfulness is helping individuals cope with the increasing pace of modern living. The session will include a mini version of the famous Search Inside Yourself training created at Google. As a parent, entrepreneur and former global COO in public companies, this training and Joe’s story of coping with stress in high performance cultures will resonate with members and spouses alike.

You’ll also hear about the member benefits with this new BSCAI affiliate partner. As a gift from BSCAI, attendees also receive a free year to all of Whil’s digital training programs, including mindfulness, sleep and yoga programs for adults and teens (you’re welcome, parents!) and their famous emotional intelligence and leadership training for managers. Download the app and train on any device

Creating an Engaging and Impactful Presence

G. Riley Mills, Co-Founder, Pinnacle Performance Company

Storytelling for Business

G. Riley Mills, Co-Founder; Chris Gausselin, Senior Master Instructor; Ben Osbun, Senior Master Instructor, Pinnacle Performance Company

On Saturday, January 28, we will have a full day of workshops presented by leaders from Pinnacle Performance Company, including G. Riley Mills, Co-founder and COO. 

Successful leaders use communication to build one-on-one relationships, project a professional presence, get everyone headed in the same direction, and garner feedback from employees. By attending these workshops, you will learn how to captivate, engage, and influence behaviors and reactions to achieve desired outcomes.

Tips for Effective Telephone Communication

14 Secrets for Running Effective Meetings