2016 Annual Convention Handouts

2016 Annual Convention Handouts

Below you will also find an attendee list and handouts provided by speakers.

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Friday, October 28

Supervision Seminar
Presented by: Olon Hyde, National Training and Manager Support, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning and Todd Hopkins, CBSE, CEO, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

Part 1: Employee Communication: Learn why poor employee communication is so costly, as well as strategies for effectively communicating with all of your employees.

Part 2: Employee Motivation and Training: Discover strategies for getting off on the right foot with your employees during orientation, creating a top-performing workforce where everyone counts and developing incentive programs to keep company morale high.

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: The Building Services Industry: From Then To Now, And Beyond
Presented by: Gary A. Penrod, President & Christie Rohmer, Senior Associate, Gary Penrod and Associates

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: Cliff Notes to Survive and Succeed in Commercial Cleaning
Presented by: Troy Hopkins, Area Developer, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: Get a Life!: Seven tools to manage your time and increase your energy to lead a productive and rewarding life
Presented by: Janelle Brulland, CBSE, President & CEO, Management Services Northwest & Graham Youtsey, Legacy Leader

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: Move from Commoditized Service to Valued Partner by Bringing Healthcare Savings, Reduced Absenteeism and Comprehensive Wellness to Your Clients
Presented by: Chuck Stovall, GoJo Industries Inc. & Thomas Wojtkun, GOJO Industries Inc.

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: The Roadmap to Buying and Integrating a Business
Presented by: Mark Herbick, President, Pursant, LLC 

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: The Competitive Advantage of Mindfulness
Presented by: Derek Nelson, Director of Sales, Whil 

Peer-to-Peer Education Session:  Research to Reality - Market Innovations and Insurance Fundamentals for BSCs
Presented by: Ted Courtney, Liberty Mutual Research Institute and Laura Rauba, Liberty Mutual Insurance 

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: The Fair Labor Standards Act - Understanding the Basics and New Developments
Presented by: Jacob M. Monty, Attorney, Monty & Ramirez LLP.

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: Hot Topics for Managing People - Challenges and Solutions for Small Business Leaders
Presented by: Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Affinity HR Group, LLC 

Saturday, October 29

BSCAI Keynote & Closing General Session
Presented by: Shep Hyken

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: Balancing the Scorecard
Presented by: Barney Gershen, Consultant, Gershen Consulting, LLC

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: Improving Operational Effectiveness and Profitability Through Technology
Presented by: Steven Harper, President & CEO, Spectrum Building Services of Southern California

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: Quality Control Panel
Presented by: Michael A. Jenkins, President and CEO, CleanTelligent Software
Michael A. Brown, Swept, Tino Stanojevic, Glad Group, and Scott Murray, Quality Control Trainer

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: The Ins and Outs of Email Campaigns
Presented by: Marc A. Collings, VP Marketing & Sales, Varsity Facility Services

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: How and Why to Protect Your Company From the Next Computer Attack
Presented by: Manuel Bautista, CIO, Harvard Maintenance

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: The Hidden Opportunities in Your Indirect Supply Chain
Presented by:Michael Wilson, VP of Marketing and Communications, Afflink 

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: Emerging Legal Issues with Staying Union Free
Presented by: Jacob Monty, Attorney, Monty & Ramirez LLP

Peer-to-Peer Education Session: People Management Trends and Tips - attracting, retaining and engaging strategies for large business leaders
Presented by: Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Affinity HR Group, LLC