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    As a valued BSCAI marketplace customer, we want you to access the latest marketplace book at the special discount of $15.

    The Guide To Effective Supervision, by Dick Ollek, CBSE, RGC, a 50+ year veteran of the Building Services Contracting industry, is composed of 12 lessons that can be taught as part of a supervisors class or individual study. After completing all 12 lessons, you or your supervisor will gain the tools to become more effective. The book will cover:

    1. Defining supervision
    2. It's the same, only different
    3. The many hats of a supervisor
    4. Building the perfect supervisor
    5. Customer relations training
    6. Handling complaints
    7. Conducting discipline
    8. Dealing with different generations and cultures
    9. The employee training issue
    10. Creating effective training
    11. Dealing with budgets
    12. The importance of safety

Order your copy today and you or your supervisor will receive the training needed to become more effective in the workplace and more profitable and valuable to your organization. Don't wait, the rate of this book will increase after July 31.


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The Guide To Effective Supervision
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