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How Does the Average BSCAI Member Save 48% on their Business Expenses?

BSCAI’s Purchase Advantage Program (PAP) brings you name brand products at significantly discounted rates while giving you a new way to deliver quality, reliability and speed of service to your clients.

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“Since we began [using the Purchase Advantage Program], the re-sale portion of our business  has grown from essentially nothing to about 18 percent of our gross sales."
       - Mike Kelley, Combat Cleanerz

Brought to you by the BSCAI in partnership with the NSA, the Purchase Advantage Program is a groundbreaking solution that gives you new choices and puts you back in control of your business, your service level and your bottom line. Like no other in the industry, this program gives you the purchasing power of a superstore—delivering the tools for you to acquire name brand products at much lower prices—and offers you a brand new way to deliver quality, reliability and speed of service to your clients.

Nationwide availability of core products at a fixed price helps you manage and control costs, deliver consistent cleaning results and attract and retain profitable clients. Customizable data management tools enable you to implement product standards, either company-wide or by individual location.

Plus, the Purchase Advantage Program allows you to:

  • Manage authorized purchasers and delivery locations.
  • Define not-to-exceed budgets and establish approval channels. 
  • Generate reports to help track, budget and manage your account.
  • Create or modify shopping lists unique to each location’s specification. 

The distributors chosen for the Purchase Advantage Program represent market-leading national suppliers committed to providing you with products and services that meet the unique needs of your business and your customers. Staples Facility Solutions and Network Services have been carefully selected in order to provide affordable access to an extensive list of leading products and business management tools. They are partners who are committed to helping you manage your business expenses more effectively and efficiently so that you can deliver impeccable service to your clients—profitably.

Using this solution, you will streamline your overall purchasing processes and reduce the number of vendors you have to manage, as well as standardize on fewer, more economical products that will eliminate duplicate training, simplify MSDS maintenance and OSHA compliance and promote environmental responsibility.

The best part? You’re already enrolled as part of your BSCAI membership. Now you can focus on what really matters—your customers, your employees and your business.

What are you waiting for? Activate your Purchase Advantage Program membership right now!

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The BSCAI Purchase Advantage program illustrates how BSCAI continues to focus on the needs of BSCs – large and small – to provide tools and resources to grow, streamline operations and increase profits,” said Sally Schopmeyer, Maintenance, Inc.  “We’re pleased to be able to provide this benefit to our members and help them realize significant savings by doing business with suppliers they know and trust."

Who is NSA?

The National Service Alliance, LLC (NSA), founded in 1996, is a coalition of independent local and regional BSCs who came together to leverage their purchasing power and industry know-how. With combined revenues in excess of $1.7 billion, over 30,000 employees and more than 230 years of experience, NSA members lead the industry with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

Membership includes a broad spectrum of BSCs in terms of size, geography and markets served. With a strong focus on ensuring that members reduce overall expenses on industry best-in-class products and services, NSA is the industry’s leading group purchasing organization (GPO) for BSCs. Like other GPOs, it leverages the purchasing power of members on industry-specific products, services and items used daily in the facilities management industry. NSA is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., where its professional staff is dedicated to a single goal: making BSCs more competitive and more capable every day.

Network Services

Network Services is a member-owned organization of more than 75 best-in-class member distributors with combined annual revenue over $15 billion. The company’s goals are to utilize national account solutions that reduce the total supply chain costs of multi-site customers and improve the service levels that these national customers provide to their customers. Known for national expertise in janitorial supplies and equipment, Network Services has over 250 locations and more than 40 years of commitment to servicing BSCs.

Staples Facility Solutions

While Staples is known primarily for office supplies, with the acquisition of Corporate Express in 2008, their Facilities Solution business now carries a wide assortment of the most recognized brand-name products and offers support from its nationwide team of facility experts. Staples Facility Solutions offers towels and tissue, first aid and safety supplies, can liners and receptacles, skin care products, chemical cleaners, floor maintenance, matting, cleaning tools and facility maintenance supplies. The company features a catalog of 300-plus pages of facility supplies with national discounted pricing on core items from brands BSCs trust. In addition to JanSan, Staples offers additional products to help streamline corporate spending on online ordering of office supplies, printing, promotional items and uniforms.

SMA - Strategic Market Alliance

Strategic Market Alliance serves the United States and Canada from more than 160 distribution centers, providing customized supply chain solutions to multi-site organizations. Strategic Market Alliance is a member-owned cooperative comprised of prominent distributors in North America who provide janitorial, sanitation, and foodservice packaging products and related services. SMA serves as a catalyst for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness within the supply channel by creating application-specific, functional solutions that improve operations while enhancing customer satisfaction.