Renew Your CBSE

Continuing education is essential in order to maintain professionalism in any business practice. Therefore, as a CBSE, you are required to demonstrate your continuing education efforts. CBSEs must accumulate 40 professional credits and submit a completed recertification form to BSCAI’s Certification and Registration Department every three years.


Steps to Renew Your CBSE:

  1. Click here for a copy of the re-certification form to assist you in tracking your professional credits.
  2. Fill out the re-certification form to ensure you have a total of 40 credits for renewal.
  3. Attach payment for $125
    1. Pay by Check: attach a check to the re-certification form and mail packet back to headquarters.
    2. Pay by Credit Card: attach credit card confirmation receipt to re-certification form and mail packet back to headquarters
    3. BSCAI Certification Department
      330 North Wabash
      Suite 2000
      Chicago, IL 60611

All CBSE’s must complete the re-certification application and submit them to the Certification and Registration department no later than June 15* of the re-registration year.

*Please note the June 15 cut-off date is consistent every year. In the event that June 15 falls on a Sunday of the recertification year - you will have until Monday to have your re-certification forms post marked.

Lifetime Certification

All CBSE designees, upon reaching the age of sixty-two and who have renewed their certification at least twice, are designated for life. No further reporting is necessary other than notifying the Certification and Registration department, in writing, of meeting the age requirement.