Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE)

BSCAI's Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE) designation is the most prestigious symbol of excellence in the building service contracting industry.

Only building service professionals who demonstrate the desire to excel, the dedication to serve, and proven industry competence will be awarded this designation of achievement. CBSE ... the designation you see more and more every time you read the name of an industry peer. Isn't it time to demonstrate YOUR commitment to excellence? By earning the Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE) designation, you'll become part of an elite group of building service professionals, worldwide - and the rewards to your company will be plentiful.

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Certification is now online!

4 Simple Steps Towards Receiving your CBSE Designation:

Step 1    
Complete the online application with the $475 certification fee for the CBSE examination. Online applications now include access to Volumes 1-7 and the Guide to Green Cleaning in e-book format. You have 365 days from the date you apply to access the e-book study materials and the online examination. If you do not complete the exam within the time limit, it will count as an automatic fail.

Step 2    
To obtain the remaining books for the CBSE kit and if you would like hard copies of Volumes 1-7 and the Guide to Green Cleaning, order your materials online in the BSCAI Marketplace.

Step 3    
Log on when you are ready to take the examination. New features for online certification include:

  • Examinees will have 14 days to complete all 4 sections of the CBSE exam.
    • Once you begin one of the four sections of your exam, the 14 day timer begins.
    • Individual sections are still timed the same as paper testing.
    • Examinees do not need to take the sections in order and can choose to take one section after the other or space them out within the 14 days.
  • Examinees do not need to have a proctor present.
  • Results are generated automatically after each section is completed and an e-mail confirmation is sent with total results when the exam is completed.
  • The exams are completely True/False and Multiple Choice.

Step 4  
Online testing results will be received instantly. Candidates must achieve a minimum passing score of 70% on each of the four sections on the exam. A candidate can retake any section that he/she does not pass again within one year. You can apply to retake the exam by logging into your profile and adding the reexamination to your cart. Re-examination is a $100 fee to BSCAI headquarters.

Paper Testing Questions:

BSCAI will offer paper testing upon request. Please e-mail certification@bscai.org if you are interested in taking a paper examination in lieu of online testing.

If you failed your original paper examination but are interested in retaking sections online please e-mail certification@bscai.org. Please note the online reexamination fee is $100.

If you failed your original paper examination and need to reapply to retake sections in paper format - you can apply and pay the $75 paper reexamination fee here.

FAQ's for the CBSE Exam:

  • 2/3 of examinees pass all four sections during the first examination
  • Practice exams are only available for first edition Volumes 1-7 and intended only to ensure you covered the material in the book but not intended to replicate the look and feel of the actual exam questions.
  • There are four sections with the following topics:
    • Part 1: Legal, Insurance & Taxes, Business Structure, General Management 
    • Part 2: Case Study
    • Part 3: Training & Supervision, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Contracts & Bidding
    • Part 4: Technical, Green Cleaning